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Very pleased, Steven, 12/3/2017, 
I am very pleased with my experience over the years with Dr Kan Yu, MD PhD. As I have matured over the years, I can be a hard critic of Physicians and their staff. Combine this attitude with an innate crankiness, when a medical issues arise, the result can be much less pleasant. Early on, I recognized that his care for my personal health and well being was a world away from experiences elsewhere. I feel very comfortable to be treated with his professionalism and care with his personal focus on Me! Dr Yu and his staff have always made me feel that I am in safe hands and I even smile when I leave.

My angel, Dr. Yu! Rachel E. 12/26/2016.
I just wanted to share something with everyone. To me this is very important and it makes me so proud to know this doctor. As you all know I have had a run of a little bad luck for a while. Today my eyes and mind got opened wider then before. Today I had to see a new and different doctor. I won't lie I was scared. As I sat there waiting I thought about my neurologist Dr. Kan Yu. I've been with Dr. Yu for years. He has watched me go up and down due to my migraines. He has bent over backwards trying to help me. I always thought that in order for a doctor to understand his/her patients they needed to know what pain felt like. Dr. Yu understands his patients so well and does such a great job because he does know pain. He also knows what it feels like to be treated as a paycheck instead of a person. No matter how bad he feels or how tired he is he is always there to help, smile, and make you laugh. In my case from time to time I have to have shots and well he will talk to me but he wants to try and stop as much if not all the pain first before we really start talking. So the shots come first then he makes me laugh. With Dr. Yu I know and can tell he loves his work. He even still tries to learn new things and not because he has to but because he wants to. He loves to help people. This man tries his darnedest to make me feel better. I know this because yet again he helped with this new doctor. I owe Dr. Yu everything. He saved my life. This man cares so much about me that he's not and never will give up on me. 
Dr. Yu thank you for always trying to help me and always standing by me. You really are my angel!

My Dr. Yu! Dawn M. 9/30/2016,
"I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for my new Dr . Yu !!! Extremely intelligent, read me before I was done explaining my symptoms of severe migraines ! He gave me all the explanations of causes and symptoms, and the best of all the options I have to treat them. He ordered all the testing , bloodwork, and the brain MRI scan.
He is a blessing from above because he has given me such relief , from 50 yrs of suffering, useless meds, and many useless doctors !!! In 2 visits, I have relief like I never expected, I can not express my gratitude and appreciation for the man I now will call my Doctor. And I will sing his praises !!!! Love you Dr Yu !!! "

Impressive Dr. Yu! Amy, 3/25/2016.
I was very impressed with Dr Yu. I had been to a couple previous neurologists in the past. But I felt much more confident and comfortable under Dr. Yu's care. I experienced a minimum wait time. 
He has a very calm demeanor and expressed some empathy towards my situation. He is very knowledgeable and he demonstrated that at my visit by explaining the diagnosis and what is happening at an anatomical level. He also went over treatment options thoroughly. I would recommend Dr Yu to my friends and family.

exceptional compassionate care! Deb L. 12/29/2015.
I have been a satisfied patient at Western Neurology since February of 2014! Dr. Yu provides exceptional compassionate care. He is a genuine person and always makes me feel welcome at his office! I know that I will be well taken care of every time I am seen by Dr. Yu. He provides the most up to date treatment! His expertise is greatly appreciated! Thank you Dr. Yu!

Amazing, Caring and Incredibly Endearing. Jocelyn, 06/27/2015
      Beginning of 2008 I started having migraines.  I never have suffered from migraines or headaches before 2008.  They would come with the beginning and end of my menstrual cycle.  It wasn’t just the blurred vision or nausea.  It was with minutes lying on the bathroom floor of work, home or wherever, quivering in pain. The vertigo was so bad that I couldn’t walk. 
I had a CT scan done by a Neurologist on my insurance plan.  He told me that my cerebellar tonsils were low-lying, and close to my cervical spine.  He gave samples of Topamax, and told me to go home and take one every evening.  I did that. And my husband found me 20 minutes later sitting on the couch drooling, my right side drooped, and I couldn’t speak.  He though I had a stroke.  It was a horrible experience.  The ER said that I had a bad reaction to the Topamax because I was on Lexapro at that time and Topamax does not mix well with that type of medication.
     After that experience I was too scared to go back to that doctor.  The migraines went from 2-3 per month in 2008 to 5-7 per week in 2010.  I lost 2 jobs from missing so much time at work, or going home sick from work.  My family physician was worried since I was getting worse.  I missed my son’s 13 birthday party, many family events because I would have to leave due to a migraine.  And I never have any triggers.  One minute I am fine, the next I am white as a ghost, nauseas, dizzy and feel like something just hit me in the head with a hammer.  I slur my words.  I can’t complete sentences.  I stutter.  I can’t walk or drive.  I burned my esophagus and my stomach lining because I used to take a Costco size bottle of Excedrin Migraine weekly. 
     I have been to Desert Samaritan Neurology Center to see a neurologist.  When she looked over my CT in 2013, she sat me down and said, “I need to tell you something very serious.”  She let me know I have Chiari Malformation 1.  The radiologist who read my scan stated my tonsils were hanging at 8mm and needed to see a neurosurgeon immediately.  The doctor in 2008 never told me this.  She let me know that she was not educated in Chiari and referred me to Barrow Neurological Inst.  I had a brain MRI with and without contrast.  When I went for my appointment for my results, the neurosurgeon was too busy to go over my information, so he sent in his medical student.  She said yes my tonsils were low but since I am not having symptoms, I don’t’ need surgery.  I let her know my symptoms.  I let her know I have now been let go from 4 jobs for attendance, I can’t work out, and my quality of life is worthless.  She said well this is how Chiari patients live.
     Finally, a very good friend let me know that she has the same problem and sees a fabulous doctor.  I made an appointment on April 3 2015 with Dr. Kan Yu.  My first appointment was an hour and an half.  He wanted to know everything.  He listened.  He was patient.  He looked me in the eyes when he spoke to me.  I felt like I was dreaming.  He prescribed some medications for me. I have had 1 migraine since my first appointment in April 2015.  I went from 5-7 per week to 1 every 2-3 months.  He put me on several medications which are working.  I am doing Bikram Yoga for an hour and half daily.  I am back to cycling.  I come home from work and cook for my family.  I used to come home and lay in bed with a cold wash cloth in a dark room.  It was depressing for a while.  I feel like myself again after suffering for 7 years.  I feel like he has given me a second chance at life and I am not going to waste it. 
His staff is amazing, friendly, courteous and patient.  I don’t remember things like I use to and they professionally will assist me. 
Thank you!

Thank YU so much .  Dr. YU !!!!! Connie, 6/23/2015,
I have suffered for over 40 years with complicated almost daily headaches and awful migraines.  I have lived my life in fear of those awful days, when you want to get under your bed and hide from the pain.  I even was afraid to leave my house, just waiting for it to happen. 
 I’ve been to a lot of doc’s, gone through a lot of testing, tried all kinds of drugs, herbs, even coffee enemas for daily preventative, all to no avail.  If you're reading this you can probably relate.
I also suffer from fibromyalgia, neck and shoulder pain, and carpal tunnel to the point of not being able to even sleep from the constant pain. 
I was referred to Dr. YU by a pain specialist I was seeing for nerve pain from 2 Achilles tendon surgeries. 
Thank goodness I tried yet another Doc, Dr. Yu.  After switching some meds around, I am no longer living in fear of constant pain.  Dr. Yu has not only tamed my headaches, but has found the cause of and given me relief from all of my issues.  I’m no longer afraid to leave my house or plan an event.  I can’t say enough about Dr. Yu!!!!!
I strongly urge you to see Dr. Yu and don’t give up, it is my belief that this guy can and will help YU, I believe it is truly his mission to help as may people as possible. I hope he never leaves Arizona.  Thank YU so much .  Dr. YU !!!!!

Dr. Yu is a keeper. Dan and Elaine, 1/9/15.
If you find a good doctor, you better keep him, Dr Yu is a Keeper.  He no doubt is not your usual doctor, but really cares about your well-being as he really listens to his patients.  My wife is being treated for migraines and neuropathy.
Myself, I am being treated for tremors and migraines. 
He has certainly improved our quality of life though his precise practice of medicine.  I am so happy to see my wife not suffering with migraines as he administered his recommendation for Botox treatments and with his prescribed maintenance medication for her neuropathy due to CMT.
As for me I am a happy camper, no migraines as he realized I needed more sleep and prescribed non-addictive medication and the maintenance medication for my tremor and restless leg is right on.  He has earned our trust and we know we can rely on his diagnosis and treatments.
Thanks Dr. Yu.

Dr. Yu is the best Doctor I have ever seen! Trish, 1/2/2015.
Dr. Yu is the best Doctor I have ever seen!  He takes a special interest in his patients, and is very thorough.  He diagnosed my Vitamin B12 deficiency several years ago, a test that most Doctors don't test for, and because of that I will always be so grateful.   I continue to commute to his office from Scottsdale when I have any concerns about my health, since no other Doctor that I've been to can compare.  I highly recommend Dr. Yu to anyone looking for an extraordinary Doctor.  He will do everything in his power to figure out what is wrong and make you feel better.   I know I'm not alone in my feelings about Dr. Yu, since he has received countless awards.

THE BEST DOCTOR EVER! !!!! Kim, 9/8/2014. 
If you are looking for a Doctor/Neurologist that listens, cares, has humor along with professionalism, SEE DR. YU........I have been under his care since 2013 for migraines, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Dr. Yu helps me manage my VERY frustrating symptoms that I suffer with daily.  Without him, I might have lost my mind by now :) He brightens those very dark days we all have with a frustrating and chronic illness ! 
I must also mention his girls in the front office are AWESOME as well!! 
Make your appointment now, You won't ever see or need another neurologist !!!!! 
Thank you Western Neurology 

RLS. Thank Dr. Yu!!! Linda. 6/30/2014.
I have suffered with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) all my life.  I can remember as a child that I would lift my leg up and drop it on the bed constantly until I fell asleep from exhaustion.  It has gotten worse and the medications I was taking weren't working.  It was taking me 3-4 hours to get to sleep and in the mornings I was so tired because I didn't get a good nights rest.  
To add to this problem, a few years ago I was diagnosed with Dystonia and would experience horrible muscle spasms that felt like my muscles were being ripped off my bones.  I was having pain in my back the wouldn't go away.  
I went on the WEB and found Doctor Yu. After reading his bio, I decided to give him a try.  I am so glad I went to Dr. Yu.  After getting various tests, Dr. Yu prescribed new medications for the RLS and muscle spasms.  For the first time in years, I have been able to sleep without RLS interfering and the muscle spasms are held at bay.  I wake up well rested and ready to start the day!!!  Thank you Dr. Yu!!!

Dr. Yu, best in the Valley! Amy. 6/28/2014.
Dr. Yu is a highly intelligent neurologist that has changed my life for the better.  I was suffering with daily, massive complex migraines and had been hospitalized several times because of it. I was on medications that were only covering up the symptoms or turning me into a medicated zombie and not addressing the problem. 
I was finally referred to Dr. Yu. I expressed to Dr. Yu how I wanted to change up my healthcare and he took the time to listen to me and analyze my situation and provide a proper diagnosis. My healthcare was tailored to my needs and not just the typical “canned answer” I had received with other healthcare providers. 
You can talk to Dr. Yu about anything. He has a pleasant disposition and a great sense of humor without sacrificing professionalism. He truly cares about making you well again. This man was a game changer for me.

Dr. Yu, a Specialist with a Heart!  Wendy. 6/18/2014.
I have suffered with several auto-immune disorders as well as a life-time of cluster migraines lasting for an average of 7-10 days sometime. And I have seen specialist after specialist throughout my life. Most are very intelligent, which intelligence, is what I pay for when I go to see them. Yet on the average, most specialists tend to be arrogant, dismissive, condescending, and act as though they are a God and I am a little ant who should be “oh, so honored, just to be in their presence.” 
Dr. Kan Yu, however, from the very first visit, took my complaints and concerns very seriously. He is a specialist with a heart! He remembers ME each time I come, as well as my husband! I can tell he truly cares about my health, my pain, and my uniquely strange array of disorders (aren't we each so different even though most doctors tend to want to lump us together?). Dr. Yu uses his vast array of knowledge and his quick intellect to help me solve any problem I throw at him and has helped me deal with Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Neuropathy, embarrassing personal problems, and has (after nearly 50 years of suffering) finally diagnosed and is helping with my cluster migraine pain when other neurologists and doctors dismissed my case as hopeless. 
Thank you Dr. Yu!

My dizziness improved so much! Thanks to Dr. Yu. Jodi. 5/28/2014.
I first learned of Dr. Yu a few years ago. Before making an appointment, I was about ready to give up on thinking I'd ever feel better. I had been dealing with vertigo, motion-sickness and headaches for several years. I had also been having these strange electric shock-like sensations on one side of my head. I went down to hardly working at all because I had become unreliable.
Because I was feeling crummy so much. I had bad days and days that I began referring to as "decent enough". It became my new normal. When I would get bad "bouts" of vertigo, I would be bed-ridden for several days at a time. It felt like everything was spinning and I was completely off balance. Even sitting up made me feel like I was going to throw up. I had to eat, in bed, while I was laying down. Days like that seemed to be happening more often. Even on  the "new normal, decent enough" days, some of the regular household chores had to be put off. If I turned my head too quickly, leaned forward, or even looked out of the corner of my eye in the wrong way, I would feel so motion sick. I felt like I had to be still to feel my best.

Prior to Dr. Yu, I had been to so many specialists trying to figure out what was going on with me. I had even gone to the well known facility (I won't mention the name) that I  thought was known for diagnosing anything and everything.  My first visit to the above mentioned place , they gave me a diagnosis Meniere's Disease, even though all of the systems weren't  present. I had zero hearing loss which is a common symptom. So, I tried a medication with no success. That is just one of the many, many examples of prior attempts at getting help.

Now, here comes the good part. My first visit to Dr. Yu, I was very impressed. I had recently had an MRI or CT scan (I forget which, or maybe it was both), but instead of just reading what the report said, he actually viewed the disc I brought, as to come to his own conclusion. Also, I felt like he really listened to everything I had to say, and he asked many questions to help me get to the bottom of what was going on. He did more testing and was able to give me a diagnosis. 
After trying a few different medications to see which worked best, I started feeling somewhat better. I finally starting feeling optimistic. I was no longer having the electric shock-like sensations, which made me happy. The "bouts" of vertigo became less and less, which I was thrilled about. I started thinking maybe I'd get my life back. Over these past few years as Dr. Yu's patient, I have always felt confident that he will continue to help me feel the best I'm able. With Dr. Yu's help and through diet, medication, and knowing what my limitations are physically, my quality of life has improved a lot. It has been roughly 9 months with ZERO days in bed due to vertigo and my headaches have significantly lessened. 
Not a day goes by, that I'm not thankful for Dr. Yu. I have since referred a dear friend that was having some problems and Dr. Yu has helped her a lot, too! I continue to be so impressed with how much time Dr. Yu spends with me on each appointment, his willingness to listen, and his desire to help me feel the best I can. Not to mention how friendly and kind-hearted he is!
With much gratitude.

Life saver, Dr. Yu. Shelley, 5/6/2014.
I owe a world of thanks to Dr. Yu for saving my husband’s life. 
Deril was hospitalized after passing out and falling down. We had no idea that he had any neurological problems until a very excited Dr. Kan Yu came into Deril’s hospital room waving a copy of the brain MRI test, declaring that he had Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus. He wanted to know why we hadn’t taken care of this since MRI’s taken 6 months prior showed what Dr. Yu knew: that Deril had shown signs for many months of too much spinal fluid on his brain.
Dr. Yu referred Deril to a neurosurgeon, Dr. Niteen Andalkar (another amazing doctor). Within months, Deril had brain surgery to drain the excess fluid. 
For months Deril had suffered short term memory loss, excessive fatigue, difficulty walking and incontinence. Immediately upon being wheeled out of surgery, Deril was the husband I’d always known him to be. He was smiling, making jokes, coherent. 
My heart was full of relief and thanks to Dr. Yu. Dr. Yu saved Deril’s life, perhaps by accident, perhaps by fate, but I will always be grateful to him. 
His treatment of Deril since the surgery has been superior and always with Deril’s best interests in mind. He’s one of the good guys. To say that I would recommend him is an understatement. He is a part of our personal history and will never forget him. Thank you, Dr. Yu, and your wonderful staff. 

Phenomenal Dr. Yu! Katy. 5/6/2014.
I have been a patient of Dr. Yu for nearly four years. 
After having two seizures at home, my family called for an ambulance. This led to a trip to the hospital and an initial treatment by an on-call doctor named Kan Yu! It was a blessing that Dr. Yu was the doctor on my case. 
Dr. Can Do should be his nickname! 
Dr. Yu was very thorough with the tests he ordered and through them we discovered I have MS.  Dr. Yu has been treating me since for the seizures and MS. 
In this time, I have come to know him as an exceptional doctor. He genuinely cares about his patients and does everything he can to minimize the stress and strain of going to the doctor for a chronic illness. 
Dr. Yu takes his time with you and makes you feel as if he has all the time in the world for you and any questions you may have. He stays on top of current research and new medications. 
His competent assistants call in prescriptions to the pharmacy, check with insurance for coverage, and contact the labs where you may have to go for testing. 
I feel so blessed to have Dr. Yu as my neurologist and truly feel we are a team working towards the same goal...living healthy and well with MS. Thank you, Dr. Yu!

Thank you Dr. Yu and staff. Faith. 5/5/2014.
I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Yu in October, 2013.  He has been instrumental in my health care since then. 
Dr. Yu is a caring and compassionate doctor. He is very prompt and to the point, and can be funny at times. He always listens to what you have to say, always asks if you have any questions, and how you are feeling. 
He tells you step by step what to expect and presents you with an action plan for the next visit, so you are always working on getting better or at least some improvement in your pain. He doesn't want you to suffer needlessly.  He will work with you to identify the proper medications that will work best for you.  
Dr. Yu has directed my care and has made sure I have gotten to the proper medical persons or facilities to ensure the correct direction for my care. 
Dr. Yu saved my life by identifying and calling for the proper testing to identify a brain aneurysm and then arranging for me at the Barrows Group (BNI) for treatment.
After successful aneurysm surgery, he is continuing to help me with migraines headache, chronic muscle pain, spine pain, leg and foot pain, fibromyalgia and insomnia.
The office staff are always smiling and are willing to help us any way they can to schedule appointments or to help with the Health Tracker information. 

Best neurologist ever, Dr. Yu! Teri. 4/29/2014.
Dr. Yu has been the BIGGEST blessing in my life!! 
I went from having 6-8 seizures a month to having 1 every other month. 
I also had HORRIBLE migraines that kept me living in a cold dark room most of the weeks. With the Botox, I can go months with maybe a minor headache here or there, and I can take a Tylenol for it. 
He's also been the ONLY person to help me with my insomnia. He's finally found the right meds, so I go to sleep and stay asleep! 
He has changed my life in so many ways. He's the best doctor around hands down.

Thank you, Dr. Yu, Amy. 4/24/2014.
Nearly three years ago, I began feeling extremely “ill” and had a variety of symptoms that the doctors had difficulty reconciling.  I saw many different specialists, including three neurologists.  All of the specialists were only concerned about my images and blood work; I was merely another clinical case.  Not one of them offered me any way to actually manage the symptoms and get back to truly living.  
And then I found Dr. Yu!  Dr. Yu has given me my life back.  He took the time to really listen to my description of my symptoms and was very thorough in his treatment approach.  He even identified a gap in the testing my cardiologist conducted.  It turned out that the test that had been missed ended up being one of the missing puzzle pieces!  
While I am not completely symptom free today, at least I know what I am facing, and how to live with it.  I can exercise for the first time in three years.  I don’t just “make it through the day” anymore; I am able to enjoy life and be the wife, mom, and teacher that I had been before.  
Thank you, Dr. Yu.  I am so grateful for your caring and perseverance.  It has made all of the difference to me.

Thank you, Dr. Yu. Shauna. 4/24/2014.
I have been seeing Dr. Yu for almost 1 year, and am so happy with my experiences with him! I have referred many friends to his office whom have all been very happy as well!

Dr. Yu, the best Neurologist for me in over 20 years!  Becki, 4/15/2014.
I have had chronic migraine headache for 20 years, and that you need to research your doctors before you go to them. They are not all the same, and they are not all good. 
Dr. Yu has very good reviews, and to me that says a lot more about a doctor than referrals from other doctors. 
At the first appointment with Dr. Yu, he explained why I would need to try several medications to see what would work for me. He said that I was already taking medications that should help my migraines and it wasn't working. That should have been obvious to me, but it wasn't. His approach was one I hadn't seen before, it is using basic common sense. He looks at all your health conditions as a whole, and not just at one symptom.  He was kind, knowledgeable, funny, and very thorough. He also treats you with great respect, rather than some doctors that see you as a number or dollar signs, or as someone that is not as smart as them. 
He ordered some tests right away and said that I may be a candidate for Botox injections to treat my migraines. We tried several medications that didn't work for me. 
I was hesitant about the Botox procedure, but as it turns out, they were amazing. I got immediate relief, they are amazing.
I recommend Dr. Yu to friends and family, he is a great doctor. Thank you, Dr. Yu. 

You’re the greatest Dr. Yu!!! Cathy. 3/28/2014.
I have been a patient of Dr. Yu’s for approximately 6 months now and I can honestly say he is one of the most down to earth physician’s I have ever met, and let me tell you, I have met my share.  
There is no doubt in my mind that he is a physician that actually sits there and listens to his patient’s concerns and addresses them to the best of his ability, and what he doesn't have the answer for, he does everything in his power to find out.  I have had a couple of odd things happen to me over the past 6 months and he was very straightforward with me and my treatment.  He had recommended that I see my primary care physician for those items which he believed were her areas of expertise, and when I returned to him a couple of weeks later, he was surprised that she did not run the tests he had hoped she would run, so out of concern for my health, he ran them himself.  This is just the type of physician Dr. Yu is.  He truly cares about his patients.  He goes above and beyond what most physicians would do.  Dr. Yu is definitely a keeper!  You’re the greatest Dr. Yu!!!

Wonderful care, Dr. Yu! Aimee. 3/27/2014.
I have been a patient of Dr. Yu for almost a year now. He has diagnosed and treated me with chronic migraines. He is a doctor who listens and cares for his patients. He doesn't treat us like we are just another account...he takes the time to show he really cares. He takes his time and remembers everything you tell him. He has made my health better just when I thought I would never have any relief from the pain or live a normal life again. 
Dr. Yu isn't like any other MD I have ever worked with, or seen. He orders tests and breaks things down to me so that I understand exactly what the results are. He takes care of your entire medical needs, not just neurology. My heart rate has always been elevated, and he prescribed meds to regulate my heart. 
I have recommend him to all my friends and family. I wouldn't trust my health to any other MD. I am extremely thankful I found Dr. Yu:).

One of the best Neurologists, Dr. Yu! Janelle. 3/25/2014.
Dr. Yu helped relieve the constant headaches that I was having almost every day since I was 16.  I’m now 49.  
I had seen just about every neurologist and taken every pill available over the years with no relieve.  Then a friend at work told me about Dr. Yu.  Best advice I’ve ever got.  I still get some headaches, but they aren’t anything like I've had in the past.  I am able to attend events knowing I don’t have to leave due to a migraine.  Thanks for making life worth living again.

Thank You Dr. Yu!  You gave me back my life! Patrick. 3/25/2014.
My primary care doctor discovered during a check-up that I might have a hernia.  As it turned out, it was a pudendal nerve pain and not a hernia.
Apparently I had lived for about 3 years with this nerve pain.  I saw Dr. Yu’s info online and decided to check out his services.  I have always been afraid of taking medicine for pain or any medicine for that matter, so Dr. Yu worked hard to convince me to take the medicine.  I never really understood how much pain I was in until I was treated by Dr. Yu because it had become a normal part of my life.  He said, “If you want to improve your quality of life, you should consider it.”  It was the best decision I ever made and I have Dr. Yu to thank for that.

Dr. Yu, one of the best neurologists. Lori. 3/19/2014.
Dr. Yu is one of the best neurologists I've personally been cared by. From the very beginning of becoming his patient through an unforeseen circumstance, he has taken his time explaining all of my options, going as far as providing me with referrals to substantiate and explore all of my options.
In the end, I stayed with Dr. Yu for multiple reasons. He is an exceptional doctor, who cares about his patients and takes great pride in his practice. To him, you are not just a "number", you are a human being.
Thank you Dr. Yu for everything you have done for me. I will continue sharing my experience so that others that are in need of a doctor with your knowledge and specialty experience will be equipped with the same great care as I have been.

A Brilliant, caring and kind Dr. Yu. Sandra, 3/14/2014.
Dr Yu is a brilliant, kind and caring medical provider who personally takes care of and interacts with his own patients.
I've had horrendous migraines for over 18 months.  I have gone to other neurologists during that time frame, who would have their PA’s handle a majority of their patient visits, including my own.    I did not feel that I was getting the care necessary to stop the migraines, no one seemed to be listening to me.   They were always in a hurry, and did not listen to my concerns about the frequency of my migraines and the side effects that I was having from the medications. 
Several months ago, I had a friend tell me about Dr. Yu.   So I have been seen by Dr. Yu for several months now.   When I have an appointment with him, I feel that I am his only patient for the day.   He listens to me.    He explains things to me in laymans’ language.    He tells me why he has prescribed a specific medication and gives me excellent recommendations on lifestyle changes and trigger points to avoid.
I still have monthly visits with him, but I feel that I am getting some relief from the medications and the “plan” he put together specifically for me.   His detailed notes that he prints out to remind me of what meds I need to take and when are so helpful.   I have never seen another doctor give a print out to a patient to remind them of what was said during the appointment.   I think it is critical in order for me to start to feel better, I need to follow his orders and so often I have been in a fog and could not remember things if he had not given them to me in writing.   He is extremely patient and wants to take good care of his patients.
He is an excellent neurologist, but more importantly he is a kind and caring person to his patients.
Thank you, Dr. Yu!

A very special doctor!  Dede. 3/3/2014.
This has been awhile in coming only because I have spent the last month in my mountain home doing things that before I met "Dr Yu" I could not have done.  
I have suffered from lower back pain, headaches and pain in both my legs for several years.  
After going to several doctors, then getting sent to several more doctors, along with getting pain injections every six months in my spine, I came across Dr. Yu on the Internet and decided to go see him.  
He did thorough imaging and was able to diagnose the problem. 
After a few medications changes, I was back to climbing ladders again, as well as several other things.  I am able to walk my dogs again, ride my bike, and do all my household chores.  I still have my bad days, but they are a lot less than I have had in a long time.  I sleep so much better, and now I wake in the mornings feeling well rested.  
Thanks so very much for all you do! You are by far one of the best doctors I have found.

God sent, brilliant neurologist! Cindy. 2/23/2014.
Dr. Yu is a brilliant doctor.  He Diagnosed my M.S. after I had gone 10 years undiagnosed and getting worse every day. He ordered all the tests I needed, and started me on the medication, and I am doing great, all thanks to him. Not only is he A brilliant doctor, but also a very kind and compassionate person. Dr. Yu, I will follow you anywhere.  He is a true GOD SENT, a true BLESSING!  THANK YOU, DR. YU for giving me my life and future back.

Brilliant Neurologist, Dr. Yu! 2/12/2014, Nathan.
Dr. Yu is amazing. I was misdiagnosed with an auto-immune disorder for about 8 years of my life. My previous neurologist did not have my best interests in mind as Dr. Yu has.
He insisted on doing extra testing that resulted in me being a candidate for the mayo clinic due to the abnormalities that he found. Thanks to him, I have found out that I have been diagnosed with Hirayama’s disease, instead of a misdiagnosed auto-immune disorder.
I would highly recommend Dr. Yu as a neurologist as he is a brilliant kind man who will always put the patient first.
Thanks for everything!

An amazing Neurologist! Veronica. 2/3/2014.
Dr. Kan Yu is an amazing Neurologist who was referred to me by a friend of mine, when I was crying for help.  
I had a prior Neurologist who I thought was trying to help me and I just felt like he was not listening and was only doing test after test and didn't have an answer for me why I kept getting paralyzed.  
I ended up admitted in the hospital 3 times in the hospital which affected my family, job and social life. Finally, I was not walking in October in 2013.
I changed my neurologist with Dr. Kan Yu.  I have not been admitted at all.  He listens to what my symptoms are, and has prescribed the correct medications to me.  I feel great and finally feel normal again. I am able to sleep at night, wake up and get my children ready for school with no struggle.  I will be able to start searching for a job again with no fear that I won't go through paralysis again.  
Thank You Dr. Kan Yu.  You are definitely a miracle worker.

Love Dr. Yu!, Melissa. 1/31/2014.
I was diagnosed with MS at 23 and told by that rather curt doctor to do my living young because I would likely be wheelchair bound by 40. 
I spent the next 27 years dealing with whatever bizarre symptoms came my way by not panicking, and going to bed when I couldn't hide them. I basically 'positive thought' my way through telling myself I didn't have a problem and that worked fairly well for me. Until it didn't. When my health got to the point that I could no longer go forward without medical care, I asked the staff of my other physician's offices who they recommended for neurology. I kept getting Dr. Yu's name. 
By the time, I relinquished and brought myself to him a year ago, I had plenty of will to live left, but almost zero functionality! My body had quit on me and I felt pretty certain there wasn't much hope. 
Dr. Yu was THE perfect doctor to see, he was so kind and he actually cared that I was suffering even though I couldn't bring myself to say that to him.
It took all I had in me just to get myself into his office and yet I couldn't bring myself to tell him how bad it was.  And he said what I needed to hear to go on,  those glorious words "I can make you better." It took time, trial and error, adjusting dosages, but he DID help me feel like a human being again!! And resume living. And when there were crises along the way, he was always right there and available. I've even called the office after hours to leave a VM for staff and had him pick up the phone!! How many doctors can you say THAT about?! When I was hospitalized, he came in to see me late in the evening when all the other doctors had gone for the day. 
As if that were not enough, he also noted that I was on a medication that I had taken for over 20 years and asked if I was aware that it causes weight issues....I responded by laughing and pointing at, well-ME. He asked if I would like to switch to a different medication? Yes please! And said we'd do that at our next visit so as not to change too much all at once. And when I went back in for the next visit... HE remembered and sent me home with the Rx!! I forgot! And here is the cherry on the cupcake that is Dr. Yu! I started dropping weight immediately! 
After 20+ years of being held hostage by the old medications, all it took was one caring, attentive physician to see a medication and an overweight patient and connect the dots of possible cause!! I can't tell you how many doctors over the years, have seen that medication on my routine file, in the exact same way that Dr.  Yu did. And not one of them in 20+ years took the time to think about it. 
I continue to lose weight and thanks to the combination of medications we finally landed on, I can get through most days now. I still battle my body on a daily basis, but I no longer do it alone and most importantly I do it with Hope, which was previously lost, I thought for good. Being filled with hope and a positive attitude  is everything when you deal with chronic illness. 
For me, he gave me my life back! A future restored. So many answered prayers. I am forever grateful to this caring and kind man of healing! 
Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn't mention his staff as well. The ladies are very helpful and I can always count on Emily to get the job done! From start to finish, this is one really great practice with a doctor, Yu can't help but love!! :)

Thank you, Dr. Yu for giving me my life back! Allyn. 1/30/2014.
I never thought I would see the day I could say that I had more than 3 consecutive days without a headache.  That was before I met Dr. Yu.  I have lost count of how many doctors I have seen over the last thirty years and the different causes they gave me for my migraines, along with all the different medications I have tried.  
During my first visit with Dr. Yu, he prescribed the perfect combination of medications to reduce the frequency and intensity of my headaches while I waited for insurance authorization for the Botox.  
During my next visit, Dr. Yu gave me the Botox injections.  It has been almost three months and I have had 4 mild to moderate headaches since the injections.  Before Dr. Yu, I would have had that many severe headaches in less than a week.  I feel blessed to have found Dr. Yu and would recommend him to anyone with a neurologic problem.  He is knowledgeable, compassionate, and easy to talk too. 
 Thank you Dr. Yu for giving me my life back!

Thank You, Dr. Yu! Connie. 1/15/2014.
I have been seeing Dr. Yu For a little over a year now, and he is such a knowledgeable and compassionate neurologist. 
About three years ago, he was instrumental in saving my husbands life due to a brain aneurysm and bleed that prevented a life-saving heart surgery.  My husband fully recovered.
But I have suffered for seven years with spinal stenosis in my neck and herniated and bulging discs in my low back. These injuries work against each other between trying to sit and leaning back or holding objects and create a tremendous amount of pain.
Dr. Yu has continued to monitor my injuries with MRIs and constant care.  Just recently because of
his trigger point injections, I was able to use my arms and hands to make Christmas dinner and cook for my children and grandchildren through the holidays while visiting. The medications he has prescribed have made a huge difference in my day to day activities.
I had surgery on my neck with a double discectomy five years ago.  And now, the disks above that area are disintegrating and there is a bulge that causes me so much pain and radiates down my right arm. His referral to another doctor who, with injections, has helped my neck pain. 
Before I went to him, I experienced a lot of depression and feeling that no one really cared about me, except my husband, and my primary care physician who is sympathetic but could not provide the injections I needed. 
When I see Dr. Yu, he always makes me feel that I am important and that he cares and is taking care of my problems physically and mentally, by talking to me and giving me such caring words of encouragement.
I highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering from neurological problems.
I also love his staff, who always answer the phone and always return my calls.  They are so courteous and caring. 
Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Love Dr. Yu!  Ebony. 1/15/2014.
I love 
Dr. Yu. He's caring, listens and really gets the full picture.  I had been to Mayo, Barrow's and seen so many specialists.  Dr. Yu found the problem. I thank him.  His name, Dr. Yu, Kan is the answer. " Yes. He can"

Great neurologist, Dr. Yu! Rochelle. 1/11/2014.
I would like to thank you Dr. Kan Yu for being a great neurologist for my son. What makes you different from other doctors is that you really listen to whatever I needed to say about my son, you are such a nice caring person. Dr. Kan Yu , you are the best doctor that my son has ever had.
Thank you for all that you do. I greatly appreciate it!

Thank you, my angel, Dr. Yu! Ada. 1/10/2014.
My name is Ada, and I would like to express my thoughts and gratitude for Dr. Yu.  
3 years ago, I was involved in 2 MVA’s.  Since then I have been in extreme pain and also having been diagnosed with a autoimmune disease, my  life has been turned upside down with endless doctor appointments, hospital stays and ER visits over these past few years which has to some degree left me hopeless. I have turned to many doctors with desperation and at times I was not comforted because to some degree with chronic issues, there is no hope. 
But after being referred to Dr. Yu from my pain doctor, I am so thankful for that turn in the road for me. And from that first visit with Dr. Yu,  he has helped me tremendously and not only does he LISTEN to me, he really makes me feel that he is here to help me, not make me feel as if I am in a assembly line like so many doctors have made me feel in the past.  
I THANK YOU, Dr. Yu for not only your expertise, but for your HUMANITY! You not only have helped me with my chronic issues, but also with my hope for achieving a good life in spite of all my barriers I face every day.
You are my Angel!  THANK YOU!!!!

Worlds' Best Neurologist, Dr. Yu! Demi, 1/3/2014.
Dr. Yu is not only an amazing doctor, but he's also one of the most caring , sympathetic, compassionate and attentive doctors I have ever been treated by. I was truly blessed to find him.  I've had severe chronic migraines since I was 7 years old, along with epilepsy. I was misdiagnosed by others for a long period of my life. 
By the time when I came to Dr. Yu, I felt lost, depressed and hopeless that I would have any quality of life. Dr. Yu has changed all of that.  He is one of the most knowledgeable doctors I have ever met.  He's like a family member, his goal is to give you the best care so you can go out and be the best you possibly can. 
I will always be indebted to Dr. Yu!  Thank you for giving me a better life.

Excellent Neurologist, Dr. Yu! John. 12/18/2013.
I have seen Dr. Yu for about a year now, after having a brain tumor removed 7 years ago. I have had several neurologists before I met Dr. Yu and I wish I knew him from the day I had brain surgery.
Dr. Yu listens to all your concerns and makes sure you understand everything that is going on before you leave his office. He takes his time to answer all questions as he is not in a rush. He said to me the day I met him that he will do everything in his power to manage all my issues and he has done that.
The front office staff is great. They schedule all appointments and testing very promptly. 
I highly recommend Dr. Yu for anyone that needs a Neurologist .
Thank you Dr Yu for being the Dr you are, I wish all Doctors are all like you!

Very Caring…..Elke. 12/18/2013.
After surgery for Cerebral Aneurysms in 1999 in UCLA, I have suffered from severe migraines and headaches. I also developed tremors in my hands. 
At my first visit with Dr. Yu, he ordered necessary test to rule out new aneurysm problems, and immediately began treatment with various medications. With each subsequent visit, he and I discussed the medications effects and regulated the dosage to achieve the desired results.
It has been six months since my first visit with Dr. Yu. I have not had a migraine since I began treatment and my headaches are infrequent and far less severe. The tremors in my hands have decreased about 90% which is a huge improvement.
Dr. Yu is down to earth and cares about his patients. He listens to what you have to say and includes you in making his decisions. Dr. Yu has proven to me that he is an excellent Physician and more importantly, that he is a good and caring man.

He changed my life! Shannon. 12/18/2013.
I have to begin with, I don't know where I would be without Dr. Yu! 
Before we came to AZ, I had been to a few different neurologists trying to figure out what was going on with me. They would just push me off into the general fibro bucket. I was getting worse, but they just kept saying the same thing over and over. 
We moved here and I went to a general practice doctor who said I should go to Dr. Yu. I am so glad she recommended that! On my first visit, he said there was something way more than a fibro Dx. After tests were done, he found a rare syndrome. I am so beyond grateful to him for thinking just outside the box. And the compassion and care he has is above and beyond what I have ever experienced with a physician! 
When I talk to friends and family, I tell them how great he is and how much he has helped me. I can't say enough great things about him! And the office staff are just as wonderful! They are very friendly, courteous, and go out of their way to help you! 
I thank Dr. Yu so very much for everything he has done for me! He really cares about his patients and their quality of life!

Great knowledge!!!! Marco, 12/12/2013.  Safford, AZ.
I started with Dr. Kan Yu several months ago, because of seizures  Dr. Yu prescribed me a medication. But I didn't want to take the way he wanted, because I am very picky and distrustful.
Later on, he convinced me with proof that I needed to follow his word, and I can see that his knowledge of the diagnosis and management was the right one.
I can trust 100% of what he says!!!   That is a great Job!!!

5 stars! Dr. Yu! Deb G. 12/5/2013.
I had been seeing another neurologist for several years. I decided to get a second opinion after some problems with the other neurologist. 
I have 3 herniated disks in my neck, a brain aneurysm, have suffered migraines since I was a teen. I explained my symptoms to the polite young lady that answered and she was able to get me in to see Dr. Yu the very next day. 
I explained the pain I had been in and the treatment I was receiving, I even showed him how swollen my neck had become. He was shocked at the lack of treatment. He immediately explained my options and started me on a regiment to ease the pain. I felt much better after the first visit!
I had my second visit with him today, and was totally surprised at the great care and concern that he gives to his patients. I recommend him to anyone that needs a good and caring doctor.

5 stars! Danny.  11/20/2013.
I have been coming here for about a year.   This place, Dr. Yu, all the helpers at the front desk, and everyone I have met, make this office the best.  Dr. Yu has told me he would help and fix my problems, and he has kept his word.  There is hardly ever a wait for more than 2 minutes. Dr. Yu is very knowledgeable and will always answer all questions.  I have recommended him to a lot of people.  This is the place to be.  5 star office. 
Thanks, Dr. Yu. Lisa J, 11/7/2013
When I first went to Dr. Yu, he promised to make me better. He kept his word. His experience enables him to provide treatment that works. If you already go to Dr. Yu, then you are aware of this. If not, you better get an appointment.

Restless legs syndrome. Bob K. 11/6/2013.
I have had restless legs for many years. As I got older the discomfort became unbearable. My family doctor gave up on treating this problem and referred me to Dr. Yu. The good doctor discussed my problem with me and then confidently stated that he could help me. He prescribed a different medicine for me and after only one day on the new medicine, I had almost no restless leg problems. 
On my next visit Dr. Yu tweaked the dosage of the new medicine and now the leg problem is completely gone. 
If only I had seen Dr. Yu years ago, it would have saved me years of pain and discomfort.
Thank you Dr. Yu!
Excellent Neurologist, Dr. Yu! Antoinette A, 10/18/2013.
narcotic medication to ease my pain. He was very concerned for my health and suggested a surgical procedure to correct the fracture.
Even after my surgery, his concern for my health continued.
I look forward to seeing Dr. Yu with any issue I have, for I trust him with my life.
Thank you Dr. Yu for everything!
Amazing Neurologist, Dr. Yu!, Shannon D. 10/3/2013.
I am so grateful to have been referred to Doctor Yu.
I have suffered from Migraines for some time now. A couple of months ago, I ended up in the Emergency Room with a severe Migraine that actually caused Seizures.
I called Doctor Yu's office and spoke to a member of his staff who was genuinely concerned and was able to fit me into his schedule for the following day.
From the moment Doctor Yu walked into the room, I felt at ease! He was so Caring and Compassionate, he didn't rush in and out. He took time with me and allowed me to address my concerns. 
I have never met a Doctor that I actually look forward to seeing every few weeks.
Thank you Doctor Yu for giving me my life back. You are Amazing!!  
Excellent Neurologist, Dr. Yu! Melva, Allan W. 9/9/2013.
My husband experienced cluster headaches for a number of years prior to meeting Dr. Yu.  A number of neurologists attempted to assist in managing these debilitating headaches with medication with no success.  
We finally met Dr. Yu when he was practicing at Banner Heart Hospital a few years ago.  He initiated the treatment with the right combination of medication, then advancing to Botox injections.  
He was a God-send.  My husband found relief immediately and was able to rid himself of the oxygen tank and medications that turned him into a zombie.  
Dr. Yu is very patient, caring and knowledgeable.  Thanks for helping us get our life back.
Excellent Neurologist! Tim C. 8/29/2013.
Dr. Yu is excellent at responding to the issues and needs of his patients. He informs and advises about the issues you have and his treatments work well.
He has flexible hours and always makes sure your needs are taken care of to help with issues you have. Thanks Dr. Yu!...You're my favorite doctor I ever had!

Great Neurologist, Dr. Yu. Fred N. 8/26/2013.
Dr. Kan Yu, MD, PhD is a very intelligent doctor in neurology, and will go to any lengths to understand a patient’s health issues and try to resolve the neurology medical issue. In my case, I have had tension migraine headaches for over 25 years to no avail on resolving the headaches. 
Dr. Yu has started giving me Botox injections to assist in reducing my headaches which has helped to some extent. It has reduced headaches by approximately 20% which is good for me since tension headaches can be very complex to resolve.
I know that DR. Yu will continue to want and try other medications, and I'm willing to try in order to have a semi-normal life with no headaches or reduced a lot. 
While at Mercy Hospital, a gentleman was next to me in emergency with an extremely bad headache from falling. Mercy Hospital recommended Dr. Yu and I piped up and agreed on the recommendation and said: "Dr. Yu is an excellent neurologist and I highly recommend him". I'd recommend Dr. Yu to anyone asking for a very good neurologist.
Dr. Yu, the only Doctor that I trust! Steven T. 8/17/2013.
You would never think that going to the hospital was a good thing. The night I did, Dr. Kan Yu happened to be on call. I found that Dr Kan Yu to be very professional and knowledgeable. He is friendly and asked more questions than my previous two neurologists combined in the past. He was active in testing and recommended several options for my care at that time. The best doctor I have seen in my 61 years. I would rate him higher if possible.
Since my hospital event, I have seen Dr. Yu for over a year now with new issues, all I can say is that I was very lucky to have met him that day. He is just great!
He is the best neurologist I have seen in my 61 years, he cares about his patient. He listens and tries to figure out a good plan. He has a great friendly and positive attitude, plus characteristics and the fact he don’t turn his patients away. I find that he is the only one I trust with my health.
Thank You, Dr. Yu! Diane H, 8/14/2013.
I have been seeing Dr. Yu for about 2 months.  From the minute he walked in the room and looked at me, he knew what my problems probably were.  He talked to me calmly and directly, asking me questions about my nerve and lower back pain.  When I left his office, I had two working non-narcotic prescriptions that began to work immediately.  
After having spent 3 years off and on with a pain management specialist using both injections and narcotic drugs which made me ill, I am thankful for Dr. Yu's ultimate knowledge and expertise, as well as his non-rushed approach and down to earth conversation with his patients.  I will continue to see Dr. Yu and know he will help me with any future problems in the same way he has initially.  I would certainly recommend him highly.
The best Neurologist, Dr. Yu! Nancy I. 8/6/2013.
I have been seeing Dr. Yu for over a year now, and I have to say that this doctor is the most compassionate, understanding and kind physician. 
I suffer from severe and chronic migraines for the past 20 years due to a placement of an brain aneurysm clip. The headaches are daily, and at least twice a month I'm bed ridden with the pain. 
I first met him as a neurologist on call at Mercy Gilbert Medical Center  He immediately set up an appointment with him upon my release. He tried a combination of treatment plan along with proper medications to help me through the intense pain I was having. 
Dr. Yu didn't "judge" me, nor any way did he have a condescending attitude towards me like the many, many Neurologists I've seen over the past 20 years. This doctor has been my "life saver" and has given me back comfort that allows me to start a new life style.
My only regret is that Dr. Yu isn't an Internist, because I would not have to see my other Primary Care Physicians, just to be "snubbed" and scrutinized. 
This doctor is a miracle worker and he deserves all the awards given to him. He is a such a kind and  considerate man. His staff is delightful and extremely qualified. Dr. Yu is my savior. I've never posted anything online before, but I'm doing this in hopes that somebody out suffering would get help from Dr. Yu. 
Dr. Yu, you are wonderful!!!
Brilliant doctor, very special human being, Dr. Yu! Cindy B. 8/1/2013.
There are no words or simple way to describe Dr. Yu because he is not just a brilliant doctor, but a very special human being.  It is not common to find a good doctor, no matter what the specialty, but it is rare to find so much greatness in a doctor and in a man completely untouched or hardened by the medical world.
I had been told about Dr. Yu by a friend, after seeing neurologists for seizures and spending most of my time and money at the Mayo Clinic.  
Since other doctors were moving at a snail's pace, I was spending a lot of time doing my own research.  The first time I read the reviews for Dr. Yu, I honestly wondered if they were all true.  By the time I saw Dr. Yu, I was weak from constant seizures, had lost much of my memory and cognitive ability and was worn down from all the trips to the wrong emergency rooms that start with the letter B.
I had my first visit one week, the next week, all my tests scheduled and completed and the following week was back in his office with the results.
After 2 years of bad seizures and different doctors, it took Dr. Yu only 3 weeks to come to a diagnosis that finally made sense to me.  It was the first time I walked out of a doctors office crying from relief and confirmation that he knew what he was talking about.
I could write so much about him.  He is smart, but not complicated.  He is compassionate beyond belief and he does not give up.
His staff is amazing and one step ahead of you.  I was amazed.  Thank you so much for all the hard work you do without missing a beat. 
To Dr. Yu, I thank you that there are still brilliant people like you who practice medicine.  You save lives, not just with what you've learned from a book but because you have intuition and empathy for all who are blessed to walk through your door.
The Best Neurologist, Dr. Yu!, Kim and Samantha A. July 29, 2013.
First I want to begin with that Dr. Yu is the best doctor that I have ever met.  I began seeing Dr. Yu in November 2011 for Chronic Migraines.
I have been struggling from chronic migraines for over a year, and neck and back since my spinal surgery in 2010.  From day 1, Dr. Yu has been patient with me, and has always treated me like a person.  He has always showed genuine concern for what is going with me and the pain I am feeling. It has been a little bit of a battle to get my medications under control for migraines.  The Botox injections have made a great improvement for me. 
Over the course of years with Dr. Yu, not only has he been treating me for my chronic migraines, he has been treating me for Fibromyalgia and Arthritis.  He has been there for me every step of the way.  He never rushes through my offices visits with him and he always takes the time to make sure there is nothing new happening.  
Because of my confidence in Dr. Yu, I told my daughter to make an appointment to see Dr. Yu for her Neurological problems. 
Now me and my daughter are patients of Dr. Yu’s and will be for life.  We could never ask for a more compassionate, sympathetic, and understanding doctor.  
The staff at Western Neurology is just as comforting as well.  From the moment you walk in, they greet you with a smile. Even if you are feeling horrible, they do their best to make you feel comfortable.  Everyone there truly is the best, so believe me when I need to recommend a Neurologist, it will always be Western Neurology. 
Thank you for everything you do. 
Greatness! Dr. Yu. Karen C. 7/16/2013.
Mostly, I can only repeat what others before me have said: he is not only good, he borders on greatness. He has a wide range of knowledge, he is an excellent diagnostician, and he is thorough. He does not take one's symptoms lightly, but listens and addresses them. I never feel rushed there and options are explored. 
Many thanks for outstanding care and concern!
Great Doctor Yu! Sharon D. 7/9/2013.
I'm sincerely grateful for the knowledge you have to assist people. The Botox injections and medications that you gave me have significantly improved my life. I don't understand the brain, but I do know that you can teach people new tricks. All the encouraging words and messages that you provided has impacted my heart. Each day is beautiful and unique now. I have learned my many techniques to heal myself now.
Thank you for helping me get a better life and good recovery!
Phenomenal Neurologist, Dr. Yu! Angela, & Mary B. 7/8/2013.
This testimonial is from a mother, daughter team currently under Dr. Yu's phenomenal Neurological care.
My mother met Dr. Yu, while in the hospital, suffering with one of her migraine headaches. Long story short: Cerebral Aneurysm clipped in the back of her brain and horrendous pain ever since. Countless, of other Neurologists...no results..., suffering and decreased functionality.
Then, fortunately, the fact that Dr. Yu, was on call that night, changed my mother's life. Dr. Yu's has unsurpassed knowledge of Neurology and a level of compassion and warmth he gives to every patient he treats is unbelievable.
Do not accept substandard care we have become accustomed to. I had a Neurologist told me that he could no longer help me and he was the 3rd one I had seen in the past 2 years.
I was extremely cynical when my mother told me about this new doctor she had met in the hospital. She was so highly impressed, I had to make an appointment to see if he could possibly help me? What are the odds? Slim to none...I don't have a good track record with doctors. The earth shook, okay, I can be melodramatic sometimes. Humor aside, Dr.Yu intellectualizes and rationalizes your medical problems while considering your emotional concern, Ingenious.
My mother and I will be patients for life and if you are on the fence, make an appointment. You will receive respectful, optimal, Neurological care.
Thank you!
Compassionate, Dr. Yu!  Sharon D. 7/5/2013.
07/04/2013 I have many things to be grateful for and Doctor Yu is a special person. Here are a few wonderful words to enjoy, knowledgeable, compassionate, unique, helpful, and heartfelt, THANK YOU...
Great Thanks! KD, 6/29/2013,
Dr. Yu, I am very pleased to be a patient of yours!  I came in with many undiagnosed conditions. Now, I am feeling the best that I have in several years. You have taken in consideration several conditions in response to treatment, as a whole person (not one condition at a time).  I have since consulted you on other conditions other than neurology.  In consideration to my condition as a whole, not to antagonize the rest as a result.  This has been a huge benefit to my wellbeing.  I wish I could consult Dr. Yu on all medical opinions, I have that much confidence in his expertise. What a privilege to have this man in our area!
Angel, Dr. Yu!  Angie, 6/28/2013,
I can’t say enough about Dr. Yu!  A portion of the reasons that I was admitted to the hospital in the beginning of the month was back pain.  Since this is the issue that the good doctor addressed, I will speak to that only.  The back pain went from bad to excruciating.  The doctors in charge did an MRI on my back and found bulging discs that weren’t significant enough to be causing such pain.  A member of the staff suggested that we ask if a neurologist could be called in to get his opinion. 
We requested this and that evening, like an angel in disguise, in walked DR. YU!  He wasn’t even completely in the room and was announcing exactly what he felt was wrong.  Since surgery was out of the question for me, he prescribed some medications that he said would get rid of the pain.  Well, this man does not lie!  By the following morning I was pain free!  I am still pain free today and with only using part of the original prescriptions.
Dr. Yu is not only an excellent doctor, but a kind, compassionate, friendly man who treats the person, not just the illness.  We would, and have, recommended him to friends and family alike. 
Thank you, Dr. Yu!!
Great doctor, Dr. Yu! 6/27/2013, Aaron S.
I had to write in and say thank you to Dr. Yu for his persistence and dedication in helping me get a handle on my chronic migraine headache. I have suffered with them for most of my life, but they became quite painful over the last 10 years.
After seeing many general physicians, and several neurologists over the years, only Dr. Yu came through! In just a few short months, I went from having a life filled with excruciating daily pain and limited activity, to a virtually pain-free existence without the use of any narcotics, which is important to me.  Dr. Yu found the right combination to make my life tolerable. I would recommend him to anyone dealing with migraines of any type.
Of course, I couldn't have gotten to any positive point in my treatment without the smiling, and very helpful staff.  Dr. Yu, you're a great doctor with a great staff. A rare and winning combination! Thanks again. 
Excellent Doctor Yu! 6/2013, Tom V.
Dr. Kan Yu should change his name to Dr. Can Do. He is not only very personable and knowledgeable, but also quite perceptive through his listening skills. Dr. Yu takes a holistic approach in the great questions he asks in ascertaining problems and in prescribing pain management alternatives. I struggled for an extensive time using other medical treatments with distributive nerve pain associated with my back. Dr. Yu solved the issues with a combination treatment that provided maximum pain relief in less than two days. My next appointment is in three months in which I will certainly thank Dr. Yu again for giving me my quality of life back.
Miracle Dr. Yu! 6/24/2013, Ann P.
Dr. Yu is a miracle doctor. If it wasn't for Dr. Kan Yu, I'm pretty sure I would be dead by now. I've seen so many doctors in the past years, and Dr. Kan Yu is the only doctor who has been able to help me with my chronic pain and health issues. From the moment he walked into the room at the hospital to seeing him in his office, I knew I was in good hands. A very positive doctor who treats his patients with care. He really spends the time to listen. He is very exact to the T. A very smart doctor with a open mind. I've never had a doctor who treated me so well, and not like a number. Also he's the first doctor who hasn't misdiagnosed my health problems and has me come back over and over again as my health declined. I surely cannot thank him enough for everything he's given me... A better life. I recommend Dr. Kan Yu to everyone. He is the best and I give him the highest ratings for a doctor and a compassionate person. Thank you!
Botox injections. 6/16/2013. Stephanie T.
I have been under Dr. Yu's care for chronic migraine headache for over a year. I have struggled with chronic migraine headache since the age of 7. My history is quite extensive.  He is patient and listens to my concerns and has made sure I am aware of my options for preventative care and abortive treatments.
We recently decided to try Botox injections to help reduce the frequency and severity of my migraines. The injections were fast and not as painful as I expected. I was quite impressed with the diminished wrinkles too. I recently moved back to Phoenix from Queen Creek. I will  be making the trip to see Dr. Yu because I am very impressed with his whole practice.
Thank You, Dr. Yu & staff,  6/15/2013. Floyd and Linda C.
I have entered this or something similar on two web sites. I appreciate all of you. This is about you Dr. Yu, but your office staff are super. So please tell them thanks as well.
Some of the pain that I was having was in the same areas as when I got the Valley Fever. So I went to my Pulmonary doctor. She suggested I see a neurologist. My wife looked at me and shook her head. We both have seen several neurologists in the last 40 some years and have had very little success. Dr. Anthony assured us that Dr. Yu was a very good doctor, and since I trusted Dr. Anthony and was having periods of severe pain, I decided to give him a try.
Dr. Yu worked with me and almost immediately reduced my pain. It is now at least 80% better. He listens well and will answer any questions you might have. He explains whatever treatment he is recommending. He is very thorough and asks you many questions. He is helping me to completely get off any narcotics.
I would highly recommend Dr. Yu. In fact he so impressed my wife, who has back problems, that she is now a patient.
Thank Yu!  5/30/2013. Gloria.
I would like to thank Dr. Kan Yu for his excellent service!  Dr. Yu and his staff are very professional and courteous each time I visit the office.  Dr. Yu truly cares for his patients.  He takes the time to listen to each concern I have and works on getting results to minimize my pain or discomfort and worry!  He explained my diagnosis very carefully until I fully understood what I was experiencing.   His bedside manner is superlative!  I enjoy returning to Dr. Yu for my follow up visits because I can always depend on first-class service!  
Not only has Dr. Yu assisted me with my diagnosis, but he has also assisted my husband who suffered from terrible cluster headaches that began after a terrible car accident a few years ago.  My husband had been treating with another neurologist for years, and was taking high doses of pain medication, with very little results managing his pain and discomfort.  After being treated by Dr. Yu, my husband is no longer on any pain medication (that was giving him terrible side effects) and his headaches are now under control!  Thank you again Dr. Yu for your service!  I have recommended Dr. Yu to all my family and friends.  You have “WOWED” us both!  
Thanks. Dr. Yu! 5/59/2013, Samantha. E.
I was recently diagnosed with MS. I have had some very positive experience going through everything because of Dr. Yu's medical expertise and his compassion for his work.
My primary care doctor had initially referred me to another neurologist, when I was first experiencing some symptoms. That doctor couldn't get me in for a month. I found Dr. Yu and had an appointment the same week.
After that first appointment, I needed to get more tests done. Dr. Yu gave my family and I all of the options and the pros and cons associated with them without selling or promoting one thing or the other, like other doctors might do. Dr. Yu was also aware of the importance of getting these tests done soon and assured us that if we had any problems with the time frame or anything to give him a call and he would get it settled for us. After finding Dr. Yu, it seemed like my treatment was as best as it could have been. My test results came back fast and I truly believe that Dr. Yu called me as soon as he got them so that I could get started on my treatment.
Dr. Yu has really been amazing. After being in the hospital, my grandma had put together a huge list of questions (from everyone in the family it seemed like) and Dr. Yu sat there patiently and answered every single question. Every time I go there, I have more questions and he never fails to answer all of them. He is extremely knowledgeable about his field of expertise. He also seems to be very proactive on treatment plans and doesn't ever pressure or push certain drugs on you. He always asks at the end of my appointment if I need anything and always reminds me that if I do need anything to call the office and they will get it squared away. He is friendly and really understands what his patients are going through. Very sympathetic. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Yu!!
He also has a GREAT staff!! They are friendly and likable. When I check out, everything is ready for me and I just need to set my appointment for next time. They send all of my prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy, which is very convenient for me and that is just the least of what they do! You can tell they have a great camaraderie there.  They all seem to work very hard and they deserve some praise too!
Great doctor, Dr. Yu!  5/22/2013, Deb.
Dr. Yu has given me the Botox injections for my headache. I was nervous at first, but it wasn't bad. In fact, I came in 3 weeks early asking if we could do the next round of treatment. But due to insurance regulation of 3 months, I was out of luck . Dr. Yu gave me a different medication to see if it would help until the next Botox injections. He is such a wonderful doctor.
Most normal doctors have a lot of knowledge from their books. A great doctor is someone who listens to his patient, and applies his knowledge, then ask his patient if he missed anything. A great doctor keeps trying until he has successfully helped. That's why Dr. Yu is a great doctor to me.
Thank You, Dr. Yu!  5/22/2013, Yolanda,
Dr. Yu: I would like to express my appreciation for your dedication to my well being. I would also like to thank you office staff who have always been very helpful.   It has become increasingly more difficult to find a knowledgeable physician who is also compassionate, like you. It has been very comforting to know that you have over 23 years of combined experience with neurology as well as cardiac surgery.  Thank you very much for all that you have done.
Amazing Dr. Yu!  5/3/2013.  Melissa M.
Dr. Yu is Amazing at what he does! He didn't mess around. ... His office is clean, organized, very well staffed and well ran. I have 8 kids and a very busy life, I suffer from severe chronic migraines. 
I have gone from neurologist to neurologist and by that I mean from one disappointment to the next.
Until I came to Dr. Yu! He wasn't the first neurologist to give me Botox injections for the chronic migraine, but he was the first to know exactly what he was doing.  Not only does he know what he's doing, he realizes there are more than migraines that cause pain. And he is also going out of his way to help with neck and back issues.  I don't have to be on prescriptions that knock me out just so that I won't be in pain, instead I can enjoy my crazy life.  Thank you Dr. Yu....!!!
Thank you Dr. Yu!!! 4/24/2013.  Valerie D.
Dr. Yu has had a tremendously positive impact on my life. Thank God, I switched Doctors and found Dr. Yu, who came very highly recommended and now I know why. I hated to go and see my previous doctor every month. I felt like I was on a conveyor belt and they didn't treat their patients as individuals. To me Dr. Yu is an ideal Doctor, you can immediately tell he genuinely cares about his patients, and treats them as human beings. He possesses so many wonderful attributes, to name a few: friendly, good listener, spends time with his patients, talks to you in a manner you can actually understand, and is Compassionate. He is eager each and every visit to see you and works jointly with you on your individual healthcare plan. Dr. Yu, unlike some other physicians, will complete necessary paperwork which is essential in today's healthcare environment. Dr. Yu is a rare find these days in a Doctor, he's AWESOME in my book; and definitely Very Highly Recommended!!
Unfortunately I require long term care, but with Dr. Yu as my Doctor, it makes it so much more bearable and that says a lot!!! Thank you Dr. Yu!!!
Thank Dr. Yu! 4/1/2013. Scottsdale AZ. Christi K.
I began having migraines in my teen years.  They increased with frequency and intensity after my children were born and again after menopause;  becoming almost a daily occurrence. 
Recently my neurologist informed me that he was leaving his practice, so I began asking friends and acquaintances for referrals.  I was fortunate enough to receive a recommendation for Dr. Yu at Western Neurology.
At my first visit, Dr. Yu suggested a brain MRI and made some small adjustments to my medication while we awaited the test results.  The slight medication adjustments made notable improvements and I felt we were off to a great start.  At each visit Dr. Yu has been able to fine tune my medications and I am down to an average of 1 headache per month. I would never have dreamed results like this would ever have been possible.  Thank you Dr. Yu!
Best Neurologist, Dr. Yu! Maggie. Phoenix. 3/22/2013.
I was originally diagnosed at an Urgent Care on January 17th, 2013 when I was on a business trip in the Northwest and told to see a neurologist ASAP, but be careful as to those who will often misdiagnose. The comment to me at the time was "This can be permanently debilitating".  At that point I fell into a puddle of tears and automatically thought I would never work again.  There was nothing else to be done at the time but to get me home.
The next day I flew back to Phoenix, a hot water bottle held to my head.  It was the only thing that would relieve the pain as odd as it looked in the airport.  TSA gave me a good look over. I got home, but the pain was too much and my husband insisted that I go to urgent care…As I had been told, Trigeminal Neuralgia is so often misdiagnosed.  The doctor took a long quizzical look at me, then proceeded to look at my teeth.  He pointed to a specific tooth and said there was the problem and suggested I see my dentist.  I tried to dispute him, but he insisted I was wrong.  He then sent in his student to make a diagnose. Together they also diagnosed some Latin name which I think, translated meant Main Vein, gave me two shots and sent me packing with Acyclovir 800 mg and Prednisone.  I asked the nurse what the shots and medicine were for and she did not know, and the doctor was gone.
I went home only to be sitting on the couch at midnight the next night groaning and my husband told me I was going to the emergency room.  UGH!  Two more shots and a CT Scan with no significant results, I went to sleep for most of the night in the hospital and was told to see a neurologist ASAP. REALLY?!! (That was the first order of business, right?!)
Fortunately, I saw Dr. Kan Yu of Western Neurology.  He came within two feet of me and said where does it hurt? Specifically?  What does it feel like?  I had also developed a rash on my face.  He said, “Trigeminal Neuralgia and Shingles (which is very contagious)”.  He gave me some scripts, told me to stay out of work for two weeks, and come back in three weeks! Very nice man, but quick and direct.  No messing around.   Armed with some medications, I went home.
At two weeks I realized how much better I was. I still had what I called a minor feeling of cactus needles on the right side of my face from the Shingles and minor pain around my head, especially my ear, but nothing like it was.  
I was ready to go back to work on Ibuprophen.  This was not debilitating but fixable and now I do everything I ever did.  It is a scary thing to be told "This can be permanently debilitating. " Thanks to Dr. Yu, I could not be better.
Dr. Yu, I cannot say thank you enough! Your demeanor and quick thought gave me immediate ease and trust.  I had time to reflect and thought about how grateful I am that you were there when I needed a professional that knew what he was doing. Thank you so much for all that you did and all that you do as a physician. I would recommend you to anyone and already have.
Best Neurologist, Dr. Yu! Terry B. 3/20/2013.
I started seeing Dr. Yu since Sept. 2012, for terrible, constant headaches. Felt like my head was going to explode. I had never had headaches in all of my 51 years. Nothing I did would get rid of the pain and at one point I thought I was going crazy. Dr. Yu ordered several tests to rule out serious conditions. The first time I saw him, he assured me that he would get rid of my pain. He has helped me so much. He listened to all my concerns over the different medications I was on and explained every test and medication. He took time to really talk to me and my husband. Finally my insurance kicked in and he started giving me Botox injections. They are a godsend and get rid of most of the pain. He also worked with me to get the best combination of supplemental medications. I finally feel normal again and can get on with my life.
He is a very caring and compassionate doctor, with a great sense of humor. I trust him completely and will never see another neurologist.
Thank you, Dr. Yu. You are the best!!! I look forward to my appointments with him, not only to keep my pain in check, but also he makes me laugh so much!! See ya soon, doc!
Best Neurologist, Dr. Yu!  Esther and Jack D. 3/15/2013.
I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you to Dr. Yu for giving my husband and  I a chance of living a normal life without  the awful pain that we had lived with each day. I am a two time Brain Aneurysm Survivor and have been left with debilitating headaches that were much worst than migraine headaches.  Now, I can manage my day a lot better than ever because I have Dr. Yu who has helped with all my problems. He has set a plan in motion and I  just cant believe how much better I feel now.
My husband had a laminectomy about 25yrs. ago and suffers from severe chronic back pain. Thanks to Dr. Yu, my husband and I have a chance of a normal life. With a doctor like Dr. Yu, anything is possible. He is a God sent to our family. We are so grateful for Dr. Yu, who means everything to us. We tell anyone and everyone that will listen about Dr. Yu, who is the Best neurologist that my husband and I have ever had.
The Best Neurologist, Dr. Yu saved my life!  Jim F.  Director of IT.  3/11/2013.
After several trips to emergency rooms and a few hospital stays for breathing and vision problems, I was visited in the hospital by Dr. Yu.  Dr. Yu diagnosed my problem after many others had failed.  I am not sure I would still be around if it were not for Dr. Yu.  At the very least I would not have been able to function.  It is obvious that Dr. Yu really cares about his patients.  He always takes all of the time needed when I visit.  The office staff is always helpful and courteous.  On a scale of 1-10, I would Rate Dr. Yu a 1000.  I don’t know what I would do without him.
Thank You, Dr. Yu! Joan E. 2/21/2013.
Since you began treating me over 3 years ago, I have had a better quality of life. You, dear physician, encompass all that the practice of and the "art" of medicine define. You consistently have the health of your patients as your first consideration toward promoting medical healing! Thank you for all that you do, and may you have good karma always.  Kindest regards.
One of the GREATEST doctors! Rachel E. 2/1/2013.
Dr. Yu is one of the GREATEST doctors that I know. I have suffered from severe chronic migraines for years. Other doctors put me on all kinds of medicines that messed with my head or made me lose some of my hair. 
After years of going through this, a doctor sent me to Dr. Yu. I was very scared and didn’t think that I could ever live and spend time with my children again. Dr. Yu took the time to review my case and took x-rays and found my problem. Once he did (which the other doctors knew what it was and did nothing), he took the next steps in helping me. He put me on the right medications and Botox and gave me his word it would work and I would have no more pain. 
Now I may get a very small headache, but it's nothing that interferes with my everyday life. I am now able to play with my children, clean house, go outside and drive. 
Dr. Yu gave me my life back and I wish there was some way that I could repay him for what he has done for me.   
On another note I have had problems with my left ankle since August 2011. I saw a podiatrist for it, but he wanted to just keep me in a boot. I went in to see Dr. Yu for a normal checkup at the end of 2012 and he saw that I had the boot on and wanted to know what happened. After explaining it to him, he told me to take the boot off and could see that there was a problem. Dr. Yu went and helped with the pain in my ankle and also referred me to a different podiatrist that would help me. My foot is still being taken care of by this new doctor, who I would never have found if Dr. Yu hadn’t stepped in to help me. 
All in all I believe that Dr. Yu is my angel sent to help me and anyone in pain. Thank you so very much Dr. Yu!!!
I wish all my doctors were like Dr. Yu. Janice R. 1/30/2013.
I was first referred to Dr. Yu by my Pulmonologist after I was diagnosed with Valley Fever. I was having debilitating headaches. Dr. Yu had the necessary testing done to make sure the Valley Fever had not disseminated, and then successfully treated my headaches.
Fast forward a couple of years, I had an episode of dizziness that sent me to the ER in an ambulance. I was released from the ER a few hours later with orders to call a Neurologist in the morning if I was still having problems. I called Dr. Yu the next day because I still had symptoms, plus I had a massive headache. He got me in that same day. He gave me injections which instantly relieved my headache and ordered testing. It turned out that I had had a stroke in the balance center of my brain and the hospital had missed it. Dr. Yu ordered testing to see why I had the stroke and sent me to vestibular rehab for the problems I was left with.
When my mother was coming to visit me, and got so confused in the airport that I had to have the airport police find her and put her on the plane to Phoenix, I knew just who to call. Dr. Yu got her in right away. He did a memory test which she performed poorly on. He has some other testing done to make sure there wasn't a correctable reason for her memory issues. His testing turned up a brain aneurysm that she was able to have repaired and an aortic aneurysm that is now being monitored. She does have Alzheimer's and Dr. Yu put her on some medication that has helped some.
Every time I have seen Dr. Yu, whether for me or for my mother, he has taken the time to sit down and really listen to me. When he has ordered testing, he gave me the copies of the results and explained them to me in terms I could understand. When something was urgent, we were able to see Dr. Yu right away. If I needed to speak to Dr. Yu and left a message, I was called back promptly. I also have to say that Dr. Yu's staff is excellent. Whether calling for appointments, refills, or insurance issues they have always been easy to work with.
God send, Dr. Yu. Sara R. 1/29/2013.
When I first came to see Dr. Yu last year, I was having such awful pain throughout my entire body, I could barely get through my normal day at work, or lead a normal life, and it could not be explained by any of my other doctors.
My first visit with Dr. Yu was wonderful, he set me at ease, told me that it was Fibromyalgia, and with each visit, we worked together to adjust the treatments until we found the right treatment! He also helped me with my carpel tunnel syndrome.
And now, I am able to get through my day without pain! My life is now back to normal!
Thank you SOOOO much, Dr. Yu, you are a GOD SEND.
Tremors, Chronic Migraine Headache, Neck & Shoulder Pain. Millie B. 01/11/2013.
I have been suffering from chronic migraine headache, neck and shoulder pain since an accident in 1991. As I have matured, they have become progressively worse. My migraines had become considerably worse after having the left lobe of my Thyroid removed.
I have seen several doctors, and the only suggestions I would ever get were to increase the dosage of the prescriptions that I was already taking, so many different medications. I was constantly at the Pharmacy, they knew me on a first name basis! In addition to the headaches, I had developed tremors that were at times debilitating. My Endocrinologist was insistent that nothing was wrong with me and the current dosage of thyroid medication was correct. Even after my Endocrinologist witnessed my tremors, he told me that it was “normal” for a person of my age to have this issue (only 50 at the time). And the tremors would become worse as I aged. OMGosh!
So I continued on as I was, thinking he was the Doctor …..the one who knew best. At times, the simple task of taking a shower would cause so much fatigue; the tremors would get so severe, my teeth would literally rattle! On a visit to my GP, I was describing my symptoms and was referred to Dr. Yu.
My first thought was great…now I add another Doctor to my ever expanding resume of healthcare providers! I reluctantly made an appointment to see Dr. Yu.
My first impression was favorable. The front office staff was very kind and friendly. I was taken to an exam room thinking I was in for another long wait to see the doctor. To my surprise, Dr. Yu was through the door very shortly after. He reviewed my list of medications and was astonished at the lengthy list. We had a lengthy conversation; Dr. Yu took the time to listen to all of my complaints. He is an outstanding diagnostic and compassionate doctor.
The first order of business was the appropriate testing to ensure I did not have any underlying causes. All tests were negative. He began changing and ELIMINATING various medications. Still skeptical, I slowly began to feel better! After adjusting medications and adding Botox injections to my treatment plan, I can happily report my life has changed in a very positive way. Migraines are significantly less frequent, Neck and Shoulder pain almost non-existent, and Tremors are under control. I no longer have an extensive list of medications! In addition, the staff at my local drug store no longer knows me by my first name!
Dr. Yu and staff have been wonderful. Stop running around to all those different doctors, see Dr. Yu, this man will change your life as he has mine! I thank Dr. Yu and staff for their years of dedication and compassion!
Dr. Yu, my Hero! Susan G, 12/7/2012.
.... You are my hero.. I have been to several Neurologists and other specialists over the past 20 years. My chronic migraines have gotten progressively worse, some lasting two weeks.
After seeing you and trying a few more rescue medications without any significant changes, I will forever be grateful for the suggestion that I try the Botox injections. For the first time in 10 years, I made it through the worst time for me without going into a cycle. Thank you for changing my quality of life. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a compassionate, energetic doctor.
.... You are my hero.. I have been to several Neurologists and other specialists over the past 20 years. My chronic migraines have gotten progressively worse, some lasting two weeks.
After seeing you and trying a few more rescue medications without any significant changes, I will forever be grateful for the suggestion that I try the Botox injections. For the first time in 10 years, I made it through the worst time for me without going into a cycle. Thank you for changing my quality of life. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a compassionate, energetic doctor.
.... You are my hero.. I have been to several Neurologists and other specialists over the past 20 years. My chronic migraines have gotten progressively worse, some lasting two weeks.
After seeing you and trying a few more rescue medications without any significant changes, I will forever be grateful for the suggestion that I try the Botox injections. For the first time in 10 years, I made it through the worst time for me without going into a cycle. Thank you for changing my quality of life. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a compassionate, energetic doctor.
.... You are my hero.. I have been to several Neurologists and other specialists over the past 20 years. My chronic migraines have gotten progressively worse, some lasting two weeks.
After seeing you and trying a few more rescue medications without any significant changes, I will forever be grateful for the suggestion that I try the Botox injections. For the first time in 10 years, I made it through the worst time for me without going into a cycle. Thank you for changing my quality of life. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a compassionate, energetic doctor.
.... You are my hero.. I have been to several Neurologists and other specialists over the past 20 years. My chronic migraines have gotten progressively worse, some lasting two weeks.
After seeing you and trying a few more rescue medications without any significant changes, I will forever be grateful for the suggestion that I try the Botox injections. For the first time in 10 years, I made it through the worst time for me without going into a cycle. Thank you for changing my quality of life. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a compassionate, energetic doctor.
Dr. Yu is the best!  Michelle P. 11/28/2012.
Dr. Yu makes it clear in his actions and by his demonstration of empathy that his number one concern is your pain and making it go away. Dr. Yu takes his time and listens carefully to everything you say. Dr. Yu does not waste any time or any of your money getting to the root of the problem. He acts quickly and doesn't give up until he finds a solution. I recommend Dr. Yu to anyone needing a neurologist. There is no better doctor in my opinion.
Dr. Yu listens and cares!  CE, 10/23/2012
Dr. Yu has been the first doctor in a long battle search of an illness that was greatly affecting my life. Not only did he listen to me, order the appropriate diagnostic tests, but he also cared for my overall wellbeing. You don't find that in many doctors today in this busy society. Thank you Dr. Yu for being there for me and truly listening to me.
Best Care.  Chandler, AZ, 10/22/2012.
After seeing several different doctors over the course of 10 years, I had yet to find one doctor who would listen to me and work with me to resolve my issue. I have a family history of unusual symptoms of a pretty common problem. Dr. Yu not only listened to me and my history, but also read a letter my father wrote with his struggle to find the solution. Together, Dr. Yu was willing to work with me to try a similar protocol to my Dad and it has worked! If Dr. Yu hadn't been willing to work with me, I don't know where I would be at! I highly recommend Dr. Yu to people looking for a neurologist. At the beginning we met quite regularly to ensure the protocol was working for me and he helped me tweak it to work best for me. Now that things are stable, we meet less frequently, but I know when I visit, I am going to get the best care possible.
Thank You! Dr. Yu!  Jessica M, 10/16/2012,
I had my first appointment with Dr. Yu today! I have been searching for over three years to find a Neurologist that I can trust, value, respect, and relate to. My visit today was all of the above and MORE! Much, much, much more!!!!!! I have been so relieved and extremely happy to say that I have finally found my Neurologist!!!!!!!!!!!!! All thanks to Western Neurology PLLC! In just ONE visit, my chronic migraine headache has been cured.
This being said, it truly is a life changing experience for me personally because I have suffered from chronic migraine headaches since the age of 5. I am FOREVER thankful to the Western Neurology PLLC!
Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
DR. YU IS AMAZING!!!  Steve in Mesa, 8/28/2012
It's been five months since my first appointment with Dr. Yu, and the results have certainly far exceeded my expectations!
Eight years ago, I developed an inner ear disorder called Meniere's disease, and my life has been a living hell ever since. I've been to all the best doctors; the Mayo Clinic, Barrows Neurologic Inst., The Ear House Clinic in L.A. I've seen the top ENT's and Neurologists in the nation, had dozens of CT scans and MRI's, taken massive doses of prednisone, had tympanic ear injections of steroids, had a shunt implant in my right ear, had infusions of Ratuxin, taken Methotrexate and CellCept, both chemo drugs, along with numerous other medications. In other words, I've had massive amounts of toxic drugs introduced into my body over the years which have caused untold damage all in an attempt to control the violent and debilitating vertigo attacks that forced me out of work and left me barely able to function on a daily basis. The attacks came so suddenly and violently that I would fall to the floor with the room spinning out of control. Nausea and vomiting were daily occurrences along with night sweats, heart palpitations, and debilitating pain in my head. I felt like I was trapped on a never ending tilt-a-whirl ride at the fair.
My doctor at the Mayo Clinic said that all he could do was give me gentamycin injections in my ears to kill the balance nerves which would leave me staggering about with a walker and my eyes bouncing like ping pong balls whenever I moved my head. That's when I decided to search the internet for someone who could possibly help me.
And thank God I found Dr. Yu! It was just pure luck really. My family doctor suggested I see a Neurologist. I'd already seen three at the Mayo Clinic, but all they had offered me was Cymbalta and epidural injections which were both ineffective. I liked what I read on Dr. Yu's website but I was skeptical. I had seen so many doctors over the last eight years-all tops in their field-with no relief. But I figured that I have nothing to lose. I arrived and found his office to be very nice, the staff friendly and helpful. My wife and I were immediately taken back to an examination room. In no time, Dr. Yu arrived. He was very warm and friendly. He listened to my entire story, took the MRI I had brought and disappeared for a few minutes to view it. When he returned, he asked me several questions as he examined me. He said he was concerned by the amount of medications my doctors had prescribed for me. He said that the drugs they had given me are very hard on the body. Then he said something surprising. He said I'm going to help you. He said I have Migraines. He then said that I'm going to prescribe three medications for you. He explained that I do have an inner ear disorder which he cannot cure but that the pain can be controlled. In three weeks, he said, you are going to feel much better. Again I was skeptical. I mean, I had seen neurologists at the Mayo Clinic and at Barrows, and none of them ever mentioned treating me for migraines. But after being on the medication for five months, my vertigo attacks have been reduced by 90%! No more drop attacks! No more of the violent spinning attacks, no vomiting, no nausea, no days spent sleeping or weeks spent feeling like I had a drunken hangover. Dr. Yu has truly given me back my life! I still have terrible hearing loss and occasional vertigo and balance problems. But nothing like before. Though my life is far from perfect, it's so much better than it was. Where before I had no hope at all; now I do! I would absolutely recommend to anyone out there suffering from Meniere's or vertigo or migraines or any neurological problem to come see Dr. Yu. He truly can help you. He did me. He is an amazing person. Compassionate. Caring. And he really listens. It's obvious that he gets great joy and satisfaction from helping others. A pretty rare quality to have if you ask me!
Angel, Dr. Yu!  Ilioloha P. 8/10/2012.
Dr. Yu! is an extraordinary caring, gentile, patient-friendly Doctor, especially in the ER where I first experienced his expertise in neurological care as I suffered from a seizure prior to arriving at the ER and suffered another one while in the ER.
While in the care of my son, Dr. Yu made him feel comfortable, and reassured him that he would do his best for his mom! And Dr. Yu did just that! His exceptional care and the medications that he prescribed have saved me from further seizures in 3 years. It was July 29,2007 I suffered a stroke, and June 2008 I first started suffering seizures, which after meeting Dr. Yu in the ER in Aug 2008, God has truly blessed me with an Angel Dr. Yu! His excellent bedside manners, is truly from a understanding of mankind in a profession that one must be compassionate, truly gifted, and knowledgeable of how to comfort and build trust in a frightening situation as i/we were in. I would recommend Dr. Yu for his outstanding, intelligent and excellent care of his patients. Oh Yeah! His staff at Western Neurology are fabulous!
Thank You! Dr. Yu. Theresa T.  8/9/2012.
I was seen by a local neurologist in Gilbert that was rude and ineffective, stating that there was "nothing wrong" with me. I was very discouraged as I knew that I was indeed in pain and was not imagining my symptoms.
Dr. Yu listened and reviewed my records and helped me immensely. I will continue my care with this most compassionate and understanding Doctor. Thank you, Dr. Yu for helping me.
Botox injections, chronic migraine headache. 7/26/2012. Shannon M.
I have been suffering from chronic migraine headache for as long as I can remember. As I have aged, they have become progressively worse. I would get one just about every day. But they would get worse as my period approached and would continue throughout it with little or no relief from the rescue medications that had been prescribed by various doctors.
My migraines had been considerably worse after I found that I had a large mass in my throat and had to have both my thyroid and para-thyroid removed almost four years ago.
I have seen several doctors and neurologists along with my endocrinologist. And the only suggestions I would ever get were to increase the dosage on the prescriptions that I was already taking. I was taking between 8-12 preventative medications with some being twice daily.  And I also had several different rescue medications depending on the stage of my migraine (vomiting, or coming on slower). The end result was to brief and slight relief from my migraine, but I always felt extremely loopy, tired and unable to function properly.
My life had drastically changed and if I didn't have a migraine I was always worried about when it would come on because inevitably I knew it would. I would black out from them sometimes and needed to go to the hospital if I couldn't get it under control.
I was taken to Chandler Hospital one night and the on call doctor was Dr. Yu, I had never meet him before and as soon as I did, both my husband and I were immediately impressed by his knowledge, care and compassion, and we loved how thorough he was. He spent more time with me than any other doctor I had been seeing and ran every test he could to make sure that there wasn't some underlying issue. I went to see him within a couple of days of getting out of the hospital and after he knew all of my information, he recommended Botox injections to treat my migraines. I was a little skeptical at first because I didn't know much about it and wondered why none of the other doctors recommended it with the history I had, but was at the end of my rope and literally willing to try anything.
I am now on my fourth treatment and I cannot tell you how amazingly happy I am! The Botox has reduced my migraines by about 75%, and seems to be working better with each treatment. I have not felt this good in years and am still in shock at how it works. I am no longer on any daily medications and only have my rescue ones for the times my migraines come on.
Dr. Yu has been wonderful and has continued to spend the time with me that I need to get better. Stop running around to all those different doctors if you have any similar problems, come and see Dr. Yu, you will be so happy with him! Thanks Doctor.
6 Stars!  Jan K. 6/15/2012.
If I could give six stars I would. Dr. Yu was very intuitive, polite, had a good sense of humor, and was very willing to listen to my concerns. He is willing to research my symptoms and find the best treatment for me without bandaiding my concerns. I am so thankful I found him. He gives me faith in the medical profession once again.
Wonderful Neurologist! Victoria R. 6/14/2012.
I just wanted to say that I think that Dr. Yu is a wonderful neurologist! I have had chronic daily headaches and migraines for over 14 years. I have been to so many different doctors with little to no success. Either the doctors wouldn't believe me and told me that since nothing shows up on the CT scan or MRI that there is nothing wrong or they wouldn't listen to what I was saying.
One day, I couldn't take the pain any longer and I ended up hospitalized. That is when Dr. Yu was assigned to my case. I have to say that I had doubts as Dr. Yu walked into my hospital room. This seemed like another doctor that I would have to explain my history to and another doctor that would not listen to me. At that point, I was so physically exhausted with all doctors and the physical pain. By the end of our first visit, Dr. Yu told me, "You will not be in pain any longer." He said, "If you start to have pain again, you let me know and I will help you." After being turned away so many times and no one to help me, I remember breaking down in tears. I finally found someone who cared enough to help me and get my pain under control. He is the kindest man. He will take his time with you and will listen to everything you have to say. He explains why he prescribes the medications or treatments that he does and he makes sure that all of your questions are answered before you leave. It's so nice not feeling rushed out of an office. I just want to thank Dr. Yu for everything you've done for me and for getting my pain under control. You are a great doctor and I really appreciate all that you've done for me.
Thank You! Thank Yu (Dr. Yu)! Annie from Chandler, Az. 6/11/2012.
So happy that I found Dr. Yu who came highly recommended. I have seen numerous neurologist in the past . Their treatments where only a band-aid to the real problem.
Dr. Yu ordered the correct tests to diagnose my migraine headache. With trial and error, he found the correct medication that works for me, including the Botox injections. I don't get as many migraines as I use to. As soon as I feel one coming on, I know exactly what to do thanks to Dr. Yu. He also listen's to you as a patient not as a number like so many doctors do. His staff is excellent in working with your insurance company to get all you test and visit paid for. If you are looking for a Neurologist, Dr. Yu is the one you need to see, you will be so happy you did.
I'm glad I came. Alexander E, 6/9/12.
I've had headaches most of my life. Recently I had been seeing my normal family doctor for help in managing them. However he wasn't able to come up with any ideas on how to take care of it. So he referred me to see a neurologist. I found Dr. Yu from searching online, and decided to see him because he had quite a few good reviews.
In the course of seeing Dr. Yu, he was very helpful and in someway I felt like he was including me in his process. I didn't feel like I was in the dark at all. So eventually, we were able to get my headaches down from nearly everyday to once or twice every couple of weeks! It is a huge improvement, and Dr. Yu has my sincerest thanks.
Thanks. Dr. Yu! Shye P, 6/3/2012.
Dr. Yu has been my third neurologist since 2011, I've had severe persistent migraine headache since 2011. He is the only one that hasn't given up on me! I appreciate his perseverance, understanding and help in getting to the bottom of my pain! Finally at the point I'm beginning to feel some relief!
God send. Thanks. Dr. Yu! Marianne G. 5/31/2012.
I am so grateful to my primary care doctor for referring me to Dr. Kan Yu for treatment of neck and back injury that I sustained in a car accident in 2011.
I had seen several neurologists for treatment of the above injuries before, but their treatments were of no avail. However, from my first visit with Dr. Yu I knew I had a real winner. I was so impressed with him. He was real. He paid attention to what I had to say, and asked me questions, along with hands-on-exam. His touch was gentle and caring of my pain. He talked to me in layman's terms and I never felt rushed.
On my first visit, he gave me several trigger shots to my neck to alleviate the headache and pain I had almost on a daily basis.
I have had several more visits, and we have come to a course of treatment. I completely trust Dr. Yu as well his diagnosis for my neck and back , and let you know the different treatment options you have.
I could fill pages to list words to describe him, here are a few more. He has a sense of humor, puts you at ease. He is a gift from God to his patients. I am certain that under his care I will improve.
Thank also goes to your well-trained and professional office staff.
Dr.YU!!!!! , Carolyn J. 5/24/2012.
Dear Dr. Yu, your wonderful and BEAUTIFUL staff.
I went through my first migraine in the 3rd grade. After 3 days in I.C.U. (scared to death I was going to die), I was sent home under the belief I had Epilepsy .
After 3 years of TERRIBLE medicines and equally as bad headaches, we went back for my 3 more days in I.C.U., then I was released with the diagnoses of severe Migraines.
Such began my life of no medicine to get me through them, many dropped sports, including dance, cheer-leading, and lots of lost time being hidden in my dark bedroom with the widow open and curtains closed. I grew up on the beach!
In my early 20"s, I longed for relief and started my quest for a neurologist. WHAT A BAD experience that was!!!! Many treated me as though I made everything up. And if you ever suffered from a REAL MIGRAINE, you know how that feels. Most were rude, insensitive, with little time to explain why my right half of my head was going to explode.
Dr.YU!!!!! After ONE visit I believed you were like no other. You prescribed some much needed medicines and you gave BOTOX injections, the miracle drug, as well as the nerve blocks!!
Dr. Yu, I was So depressed before I first saw you, and you cared!!! You listened, you asked me about me and what I needed.. THANK YOU!! YOU HAVE SAVED MY LIFE, as well as MY MARRIAGE! I will always sing your praise and thank the Lord Jesus for bringing you into my life!
Forever yours, Carolyn J.
Dr. Yu, I was So depressed before I first saw you, and you cared!!! You listened, you asked me about me and what I needed.. THANK YOU!! YOU HAVE SAVED MY LIFE, as well as MY MARRIAGE! I will always sing your praise and thank the Lord Jesus for bringing you into my life!
Forever yours, Carolyn J.
Dr. Yu, I was So depressed before I first saw you, and you cared!!! You listened, you asked me about me and what I needed.. THANK YOU!! YOU HAVE SAVED MY LIFE, as well as MY MARRIAGE! I will always sing your praise and thank the Lord Jesus for bringing you into my life!
Forever yours, Carolyn J.
Dr. Yu, I was So depressed before I first saw you, and you cared!!! You listened, you asked me about me and what I needed.. THANK YOU!! YOU HAVE SAVED MY LIFE, as well as MY MARRIAGE! I will always sing your praise and thank the Lord Jesus for bringing you into my life!
Forever yours, Carolyn J.
Dr. Yu, I was So depressed before I first saw you, and you cared!!! You listened, you asked me about me and what I needed.. THANK YOU!! YOU HAVE SAVED MY LIFE, as well as MY MARRIAGE! I will always sing your praise and thank the Lord Jesus for bringing you into my life!
Forever yours, Carolyn J.
p.s. I am a hairstylist and work better than ever!
Thanks!. Dr. Yu! 5/2012.
Thank you so very much for everything you did for me. My Mom and I will never forget you! God Bless you!
Thanks. Dr. Yu! Joni P. 5/2012
I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for both myself and my Mom! You're an amazing, caring, intelligent person. I'm honored to have crossed paths with you! Thank you for giving my future a confidence boost.
Intelligent expert.  Carol E. 5/2012.
Intelligent, expert in his field and very communicative. Appreciated my questions and was very engaging in answering them. I have to say that he was the best specialist of any specialist I have ever seen on a first visit, and his office staff was efficient and very polite.
Botox and Migraine headache. Barb A. 4/25/2012.
I have suffered with Migraines since my early 30’s and have tried everything for 20 years with no relief.
In my early 50’s, my migraines seemed to subside but came back with a vengeance last year.
After getting no satisfaction with my prior neurologist I decided to make a switch. Since I am not a permanent resident of Arizona, I depended on Neurologists within my insurance coverage that had a good history of migraine treatment and great testimonials from their patients.
I first met with Dr. Yu in November 2011. We started on a drug treatment plan to try to prevent the migraines, working with the dosage to get it right for me. He suggested that he had a lot of success with Botox treatment for Migraines and that I may want to try it. In January of 2012, we decided to try the Botox. I have been migraine free ever since. I am thankful to Dr. Yu for his patient, persistent and caring treatment of his patients.
Botox injection for my chronic migraine headache. Sharon R. 3/5/2012.
I had suffered from migraines headache for 14 months after having 2 severe strokes. I had been treated by several neurologists during that period of time. I was given a variety of medications and even hospitalized, but the migraine headaches still persisted.
A friend of mine recommended Dr. Yu, she said that he was a wonderful, caring and compassionate doctor. She not only made the appointment for me, but drove me to his office. I was very impressed by Dr. Yu from my very first visit. He was very thorough and took the time to listen to me. I had brought my medical records and tests. He said that he would go over them and discuss them with me at my next appointment.
Dr. Yu offered the Botox injections for my headache, which was approved by the insurance company.
I had a migraine headache on the Tuesday I came in for my Botox injections. Dr. Yu told me that it might take several days to see the benefit of it. But the very next day I woke up migraine free. I have not had another migraine ever since I've been on the Botox injections.
Dr. Yu is a wonderful, and caring, doctor. I am so very thankful to have him as my Doctor!
His staff is extremely nice.
Great Job! Dr. Yu!!  Toni H. 3/18/2012.
Dr.Yu has been my doctor for 4 years. He always listens to what is going. I have been seeing him for bulging disc in lower back, carpal tunnel, pinched nerves in neck, headaches and tennis elbow that I went to therapy for. His staff is great too. I tell friends and family to go there if you need a Neurologist. Great job Dr.Yu!!
Thank you so much. Dr. Yu! 3/8/2012. Shiloh.
I have been coming to see Dr. Yu and his staff for the past six months and every time I am greeted with a welcoming smile. Dr. Yu listens to your concerns and wants to help minimize your pain. I am so blessed to have found such an amazing doctor and his helpful staff.... Dr. Yu is always in the best of mood and always explains things until all of my questions are answered. Thank you so much!
Thank you Dr. Yu and Staff. June S. Chandler, Arizona. 2/10/2012.
For a number of years, I have suffered with a condition that has gone undiagnosed.
Upon being admitted to the hospital, Dr. Yu was called in to consult with me. On the first visit, he was able to diagnose what my long time issue was and put me on the path of recovery.
The staff, along with Dr. Yu, have been so supportive and respectful of me as a person. I highly recommend Dr. Yu because he takes the time to talk and listen to me and helps me to fully understand what I am experiencing. The care given by Dr. Yu and staff is so professional with caring for their patients.
Dr. Yu is my HERO!… Yvonne B, 2/9/2012.
Dr. Yu actually listened to me after 4 months of being ignored and misdiagnosed by other Doctors. He ordered the right tests and made the diagnosis quickly.
I don’t know where I would be today if it wasn’t for him. He is kind, patient, gentle and very professional, actually I could go on and on all day just singing his praises, he totally is impressive… I consider him the best of the best!!!
Great Doc! Meg F. 2/3/2012.
Dr. Yu has been my neurologist for almost a year. I LOVE Dr. Yu. If Dr. Yu treated in all specialties, I don't think I would ever go to another doctor again! He is awesome! He was diligent in finding out what was wrong with me and gave the appropriate treatment the first time. It seemed that before that, each doctor that I went to just took a shot in the dark and started guessing about pills. He found the diagnosis and treatment quickly that has given me a life again! Apart from being a great doctor, Dr. Yu is a great person. He remembers me from visit to visit. He is intuitive to my needs. Dr. Yu makes it clear that he cares about his patients. I adore him and would recommend him to anyone looking for a neurologist.
Dr. Yu Making Things Happen!! Natalie Q- Chandler, AZ. 2/2/2012.
I have never written a review on a physician before. I am writing this because I feel Dr. Yu is worthy of tons of praise! I have been a patient of his for a little over a year now and continue to be impressed with him each time I see him. I first came in contact with him about a year ago in the hospital when I was in a coma in the ICU after I collapsed after a seizure. Once I woke up and figured out what was going on and actually met Dr. Yu (who was the attending Neurologist at that hospital), I was very impressed with him and I liked his energy and his presence. After the experience I had with him in the hospital, I decided to switch my care from my previous Neurologist to
Dr.Yu and his Staff.
I am 36 years old and have “unknown adult onset seizures” for 9 years now. I have been to Mayo Clinic, Barrows Neurological and many other neurologists who didn’t do anything for me. I changed to Dr. Yu because of the way he listened to me and showed that he wanted to actually make a change (which he did). Once I changed to Dr. Yu, he changed my life; not only did he change my medications and the dosages but he introduced me to a device called the VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulator). Not one other doctor that I have seen before has ever mentioned this to me, EVER!!! I have seen so many doctors, at many places and not one ever said anything! It’s not like this is a new device either, so it makes me think many things sometimes; like maybe how much do some of the other doctors really keep up on things or maybe do they care? I don’t know but all I know is that I am very grateful to Dr. Yu for giving me my life back because I am a single mom of 2 little boys that I need to be here for.
I was having seizures every 2 or 3 days and sometimes I would have seizures for a full 24 hours and not get out of bed for 2 days because of my seizures. I lost a career because of these seizures, I lost a lot of things. This VNS device as well as Dr. Yu helping me and listening to me with my medications has put me on a track to get it all back. I am young and on the way back to a normal life again thanks to
I would recommend Dr. Yu to anyone, family or friend for any type of care; the office staff are all great, never a wait, and overall just a great experience.
Thank you, Dr. Yu, you are amazing! Cora C. 1/26/2012
I have been seeing Dr. Yu for a few years. He is so caring to his patients. He ran the tests and found my problems. He took the steps to fix it. His staff is so professional and caring also. Each time I have seen Dr. Yu; he has taken the time to listen to me, and answer my questions. He is also funny at times. He puts your mind at ease and explains everything to you, so you understand what your problems are. I would recommend Dr. Yu to all my friends and family.
Thank you all! Judith A. 1/22/2012.
After seeing one neurologist, unsuccessfully, after the other, I was lucky enough to be sent to Dr. Yu. I must say that this is the first time I have left feedback for a doctor as I am not a big fan. I usually get a pill, that doesn't do much for the problem, and no real help or plan for the future. That was not the case with Dr. Yu. I went to him with pinched nerves in my head and the disks in my neck. In the past, no narcotics or migraine pills would slow down the headaches that kept me in bed six out of seven days a week.
Dr. Yu listened to me at length, then set forth a plan. He is a very intelligent, no nonsense (well, he is funny at times) doctor who tells it like it is. He had new ideas on how to give me my life back. And that is exactly what he did. I would not hesitate to send any of my family or friends to him. I highly recommend him to anyone. I must add that his office staff is the most professional, while being warm and friendly, of any I have seen. They are a great first impression for Dr. Yu while having an impact all the way through the process.
Dr. Yu is a very kind doctor who truly wants to ease the suffering of his patients. He will try and try again to find something that will help you. I would recommend him to anyone with a need for a neurologist!
Read more:
Headache, Botox injection. Chrystal K. 1/18/2012.
I had seen at least 3 Neurologists before I was referred to Dr. Yu for chronic migraine spring of 2011. My headaches are experienced on a daily basis with little relief outside of narcotic pain meds. From the start, Dr. Yu has been on a mission to help ease my pain and figure out why I am experiencing the pain. He has run the tests and tried many different means of eliminating the pain, including filing an appeal with my insurance for Botox injection since nothing else seems to work.
He is caring, genuine, and not one of those doctors that just sees you as a number. To Dr. Yu, you are a person with real problems and he wants to help you fix them. I never wait in the waiting room very long, because appointments are actually scheduled for him to spend time with you. The girls behind the desk are always very kind and helpful as well. Every time I call, they respond to my problem or question immediately and always give you a smile when you walk in. I am in the process of getting a referral for my 12 year old to see Dr. Yu for her chronic migraines, so obviously I believe in him 1000%! Thank you Dr. Yu and the ladies behind the scenes…I appreciate you all!
Botox injections for chronic migraine headache.  S.J.T . 51 yrs old, Gilbert, Arizona.
I have been living with chronic migraine headaches for years and have been given many kinds of medications, shots, seen different doctors, etc. You name it I've had it.
I met Dr. Yu when I was hospitalized in late 2011. He was very attentive and had such a positive demeanor about him one I would never forget.
I saw Dr. Yu two weeks later at his office where we discussed the Botox injection for my chronic migraines. I was quite hesitant.
Dr.Yu was very thorough in explaining the entire process to me from A to Z, answered all my questions, gave me all the reading materials. He was not pushy, he left the ball in my court, and told me to go home read about it and talk to my husband. As I was in the office and even when I left I told my husband I couldn't help but think what a kind and caring person Dr.Yu is just as he was in the hospital. Was it too good to be to true? We would see! I read all of the materials, discussed it with my husband and decided to have the Botox done. I am so glad I did!
No more severe headache, or spending several days out of the month in a dark room. Thank you,
Dr.Yu! for managing my migraines and for having such a positive demeanor. You are a very kind and caring person. It was not too good to be true. He is just as he was the first time we met him. Also big thanks to the staff whom are very warm and welcoming at all times! Thank you, Dr. Yu!
Wow! Dyan B. 1/11/2012
I have been seeing Dr. Yu for a few months now and my headaches have pretty much vanished! I was skeptical at first when the treatments took a few days to start showing effects. But now I am migraine free for the time being. He helped me explain my issues and get to the bottom of what really was maybe wrong. Thank you,
Dr.Yu! You're a miracle worker in itself!
Thanks. Dr. Yu! Bob W. 1/9/2012.
I have been seeing Dr. Yu for about a year. My problem is my upper and lower back pain. Dr. Yu has been treating these two problems which I've had for years. Dr. Yu does take the time to explain what the problems are, and talks to me about what he is going to do. I have the most respect and confidence that with his knowledge and his advice, he has found out what my problems are. I will recommend him to anyone that has any kind of back problems. Thank you, Dr. Yu for all the help!
God send! Ed. M. 1/4/2012.
Dr. Yu is a God send. I really thought I had a serious illness, he took the time to answer all my questions. He calmed me down in regards to my condition. They scheduled me quickly for a test to be done. He was so caring. Thank God that the test came out negative. I would recommend Dr. Yu in a heart beat , Dr. Yu, God bless you!
Thanks you. Dr. Yu. 12/27/2011.
I have been a patient of Dr. Yu for about a year. I have had problems with my back for years. The first time I visited Dr. Yu, I felt the concern that the Dr. Yu had with my pain. He not only explained what my problems were, but didn't rush me out the door. He was the most helpful doctor that I have ever been to. I will recommend Dr. Yu to anyone who is suffering with back pain. ( 
Awesome Doc! 12/27/2011.
Dr. Yu is awesome. He spends all the time needed with you to get information and answer questions. He really listens and wants to help. (
Thanks. Dr. Yu! Lynn B. Mesa, AZ, 12/27/2011.
I was recommended to Dr. Yu by my PCP, and I’m very grateful for the care I’ve received. Dr. Yu has turned out to be a very caring and attentive doctor which is often hard to find when it comes to neurologists or other specialty care doctors. He is not the type to run in and out of the room without listening or answering questions. He always sits down and takes time to talk with me. I feel like my care is important to him. He is willing to help me find the right medication for me and always wants to hear how I feel. When I was diagnosed with MS in 2009, it was a scary time having a new baby and being in the hospital AND my husband was also deployed. He made me feel at ease in the hospital and did my spinal tap with no pain! He always tells me to call him no matter what if I have any questions or problems. I often bring my son to my appointments and he doesn’t mind at all. He is always happy to see him and offer him treats, etc.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Yu because I feel he is not only extremely knowledgeable in his field, but also a very compassionate doctor.
Thanks. Dr. Yu. Patricia B. 12/5/2011. Tempe, AZ.
My husband, Jim, has been a patient of Dr. Yu's for more than three years. We have been delighted with his thoughtful approach, genuine interest in his patients, and the overall care provided by both physician and support staff at this office. We only wish Dr. Yu had a "side business" in general health and medical consulting for his patients...oh, wait! He actually does, because he listens to every possible complaint or symptom and doesn't hesitate to suggest options and to follow up personally, even into extended after hours. We only wish he were frequently mentoring other young physicians, to extend his own "patient first" philosophy!
Thank You! Dr. Yu! Matt C. 11/30/2011, Mesa, AZ.
Writing this comment is long over due!! I had a seizure in November of 2009. It was unexpected as I have otherwise been healthy. I feel extremely fortunate to have Dr. Yu and his staff to help me navigate through the seizure problem. Dr. Yu and his staff are amazing!! Dr. Yu has an amazing ability to identify problems and get me on the best path to take care of them. I have never been to a doctor that I feel this confident with. If that weren't enough, talking with him and his staff, feels like being with friends. On the front lines for a doctors office is the staff. Dr. Yu has assembled the most professional, diligent, and courteous staff. Emily, Cindy, and Casie are professional, friendly, and very resourceful. These girls have always made my appointments on time, and have many times gotten me in on short notice.
The injections given by Dr. Yu for my neck pain is more effective than those by pain management specialist!
I am not the one who takes the time for comments, but, this office and its staff are stellar examples of health care. We would all be in great shape if all the offices were like Dr. Yu's Western Neurology PLLC. I consider myself very fortunate to have them for neurology care. Thank you to Dr. Yu, his family, and all of his staff!
Magic injections for headache! Christie D. Chandler, AZ 11/30/11.
In February 2010, I was hit in the head with a 20 pound wood beam and knocked unconscious. I still have a dent in the top of my head where the beam hit.
I had experienced migraines for many years. But as the months passed after my accident, the migraines increased and I started to develop slurred speech and memory issues. My primary care physician at the time said that because of the injury these symptoms were normal. This didn’t sound right but I had gone to this doctor for many years and trusted her answer.
On around 9/9/11, I had a small migraine that did not respond to my usual medication and as the next few days passed, the pain increased instead of getting better. So, on 9/16/11, it had turned into the worst migraine that I had ever experienced, and my speech was worse than it had ever been. I called the new Physician’s Assistant I had started seeing, and she told me to go directly to the ER and not to leave until they did some kind of test to find out why I keep getting these horrible migraines.
At first the PA in the ER told me “there are no tests for migraines” to which I told him I was not leaving until he did something. He ordered a CT scan and abnormalities were found. It was a miracle that Dr. Yu was on call that night for neurology, and even more of a miracle that I found him by chance after being released from the ER. He has such compassion for his patients. I was terrified at my first visit, he explained everything and answered all of my questions and put me at ease. I had been in excruciating pain and he knew exactly what to do to make me start feeling better.
Dr. Yu has done the injections for the headache, and I felt instant relief. I call them Magic shots when I talk to my friends about them.
I had chronic right side hip pain. With Dr. Yu's treatment, it's resolved!
I have never met a doctor that is so caring towards his patients. When you leave the office, not only do you feel physically better but you feel emotionally better as well. Everyone in the office is so kind as well and it is always a pleasure to go for a visit. Thank you so very much!!
Neck pain. 11/21/2011.
I went to see Dr. Yu for help in solving 3 weeks of severe neck pain. Dr. Yu said that he could fix it. And, Lo and behold, in less than 10 minutes the pain was gone. What a relief!  Wow! What a Doctor....Thanks so much, Dr. Yu...you rate an A+ in diagnosing and treating right away. (

Thanks. Dr. Yu and his staff. Jacob M. J. 28 years old. 11/15/2011. 
I have suffered from chronic neck pain. I had seen many different chiropractors, and felt only moderate relief from massage and adjustments. The relief only lasted for a few hours. The pain was starting to affect my daily life. I had no desire to do anything. I was constantly fatigued and depressed for being in so much pain. I felt there was no hope.
I finally saw a physician about the pain and he, predictably, prescribed me some painkillers, muscle relaxants, and sent me on my way. The painkillers worked only for as long as I took them. The drawback was they were highly addictive, and the side effects made me felt like I was intentionally poisoning my body.
After a few more follow up visits to the first doctor, he sent me to a pain specialist. The pain specialist suggested an MRI to really see what was going on. I was then diagnosed with Neuroforaminal Stenosis, 6 bulging discs from C1 to C6, and multiple bone spurs. No wonder I was in so much pain. The pain specialist took me off the narcotic painkillers, and basically said that I have the neck of some body twice my age and that I would have to deal with it for the rest of my life. I was also advised to see a chiropractor and massage therapy. I wind back up to square one. What a waste of my time. The only good thing that came from the pain specialist was the referral to Dr. Yu.
Upon my very first visit, I was skeptical because I was sent to another doctor that would probably send me to another doctor until I am referred to my first doctor. When Dr. Yu walked into the room, I immediately felt a sense of calm and positive energy radiating off of him. It was as if he had a sort of glow or aura of energy. He took the time to get to know me, ask questions, and lay out possible treatment options. He wasn't just another doctor walking into the room, looking at the chart and prescribing some useless medications. I was pleasantly surprised to find Dr. Yu had a great sense of humor. He put a lot of things into a realistic perspective for me.

Thanks. Dr. Yu and his staff. Jacob M. J. 28 years old. 11/15/2011.
I have suffered from chronic neck pain. I had seen many different chiropractors, and felt only moderate relief from massage and adjustments. The relief only lasted for a few hours. The pain was starting to affect my daily life. I had no desire to do anything. I was constantly fatigued and depressed for being in so much pain. I felt there was no hope.
I finally saw a physician about the pain and he, predictably, prescribed me some painkillers, muscle relaxants, and sent me on my way. The painkillers worked only for as long as I took them. The drawback was they were highly addictive, and the side effects made me felt like I was intentionally poisoning my body.
After a few more follow up visits to the first doctor, he sent me to a pain specialist. The pain specialist suggested an MRI to really see what was going on. I was then diagnosed with Neuroforaminal Stenosis, 6 bulging discs from C1 to C6, and multiple bone spurs. No wonder I was in so much pain. The pain specialist took me off the narcotic painkillers, and basically said that I have the neck of some body twice my age and that I would have to deal with it for the rest of my life. I was also advised to see a chiropractor and massage therapy. I wind back up to square one. What a waste of my time. The only good thing that came from the pain specialist was the referral to Dr. Yu.
Upon my very first visit, I was skeptical because I was sent to another doctor that would probably send me to another doctor until I am referred to my first doctor. When Dr. Yu walked into the room, I immediately felt a sense of calm and positive energy radiating off of him. It was as if he had a sort of glow or aura of energy. He took the time to get to know me, ask questions, and lay out possible treatment options. He wasn't just another doctor walking into the room, looking at the chart and prescribing some useless medications. I was pleasantly surprised to find Dr. Yu had a great sense of humor. He put a lot of things into a realistic perspective for me.
Thanks. Dr. Yu and his staff. Jacob M. J. 28 years old. 11/15/2011.
I have suffered from chronic neck pain. I had seen many different chiropractors, and felt only moderate relief from massage and adjustments. The relief only lasted for a few hours. The pain was starting to affect my daily life. I had no desire to do anything. I was constantly fatigued and depressed for being in so much pain. I felt there was no hope.
I finally saw a physician about the pain and he, predictably, prescribed me some painkillers, muscle relaxants, and sent me on my way. The painkillers worked only for as long as I took them. The drawback was they were highly addictive, and the side effects made me felt like I was intentionally poisoning my body.
After a few more follow up visits to the first doctor, he sent me to a pain specialist. The pain specialist suggested an MRI to really see what was going on. I was then diagnosed with Neuroforaminal Stenosis, 6 bulging discs from C1 to C6, and multiple bone spurs. No wonder I was in so much pain. The pain specialist took me off the narcotic painkillers, and basically said that I have the neck of some body twice my age and that I would have to deal with it for the rest of my life. I was also advised to see a chiropractor and massage therapy. I wind back up to square one. What a waste of my time. The only good thing that came from the pain specialist was the referral to Dr. Yu.
Upon my very first visit, I was skeptical because I was sent to another doctor that would probably send me to another doctor until I am referred to my first doctor. When Dr. Yu walked into the room, I immediately felt a sense of calm and positive energy radiating off of him. It was as if he had a sort of glow or aura of energy. He took the time to get to know me, ask questions, and lay out possible treatment options. He wasn't just another doctor walking into the room, looking at the chart and prescribing some useless medications. I was pleasantly surprised to find Dr. Yu had a great sense of humor. He put a lot of things into a realistic perspective for me.
Thanks. Dr. Yu and his staff. Jacob M. J. 28 years old. 11/15/2011.
I have suffered from chronic neck pain. I had seen many different chiropractors, and felt only moderate relief from massage and adjustments. The relief only lasted for a few hours. The pain was starting to affect my daily life. I had no desire to do anything. I was constantly fatigued and depressed for being in so much pain. I felt there was no hope.
I finally saw a physician about the pain and he, predictably, prescribed me some painkillers, muscle relaxants, and sent me on my way. The painkillers worked only for as long as I took them. The drawback was they were highly addictive, and the side effects made me felt like I was intentionally poisoning my body.
After a few more follow up visits to the first doctor, he sent me to a pain specialist. The pain specialist suggested an MRI to really see what was going on. I was then diagnosed with Neuroforaminal Stenosis, 6 bulging discs from C1 to C6, and multiple bone spurs. No wonder I was in so much pain. The pain specialist took me off the narcotic painkillers, and basically said that I have the neck of some body twice my age and that I would have to deal with it for the rest of my life. I was also advised to see a chiropractor and massage therapy. I wind back up to square one. What a waste of my time. The only good thing that came from the pain specialist was the referral to Dr. Yu.
Upon my very first visit, I was skeptical because I was sent to another doctor that would probably send me to another doctor until I am referred to my first doctor. When Dr. Yu walked into the room, I immediately felt a sense of calm and positive energy radiating off of him. It was as if he had a sort of glow or aura of energy. He took the time to get to know me, ask questions, and lay out possible treatment options. He wasn't just another doctor walking into the room, looking at the chart and prescribing some useless medications. I was pleasantly surprised to find Dr. Yu had a great sense of humor. He put a lot of things into a realistic perspective for me.
Thanks. Dr. Yu and his staff. Jacob M. J. 28 years old. 11/15/2011.
I have suffered from chronic neck pain. I had seen many different chiropractors, and felt only moderate relief from massage and adjustments. The relief only lasted for a few hours. The pain was starting to affect my daily life. I had no desire to do anything. I was constantly fatigued and depressed for being in so much pain. I felt there was no hope.
I finally saw a physician about the pain and he, predictably, prescribed me some painkillers, muscle relaxants, and sent me on my way. The painkillers worked only for as long as I took them. The drawback was they were highly addictive, and the side effects made me felt like I was intentionally poisoning my body.
After a few more follow up visits to the first doctor, he sent me to a pain specialist. The pain specialist suggested an MRI to really see what was going on. I was then diagnosed with Neuroforaminal Stenosis, 6 bulging discs from C1 to C6, and multiple bone spurs. No wonder I was in so much pain. The pain specialist took me off the narcotic painkillers, and basically said that I have the neck of some body twice my age and that I would have to deal with it for the rest of my life. I was also advised to see a chiropractor and massage therapy. I wind back up to square one. What a waste of my time. The only good thing that came from the pain specialist was the referral to Dr. Yu.
Upon my very first visit, I was skeptical because I was sent to another doctor that would probably send me to another doctor until I am referred to my first doctor. When Dr. Yu walked into the room, I immediately felt a sense of calm and positive energy radiating off of him. It was as if he had a sort of glow or aura of energy. He took the time to get to know me, ask questions, and lay out possible treatment options. He wasn't just another doctor walking into the room, looking at the chart and prescribing some useless medications. I was pleasantly surprised to find Dr. Yu had a great sense of humor. He put a lot of things into a realistic perspective for me.
After only a few months of different treatments and trial medications, we finally found something that worked for me. Although I am still in some pain every day, but it's so much better. The difference is like day and night! I feel like a completely different person after seeing Dr. Yu. From the first visit to my most recent visit, I feel much better overall.
I also have a better outlook on life and have motivation to get back into shape and take on new challenges. I now have energy to play with my 10 month old daughter and take initiative to do chores without my wife having to ask me.
I am so grateful for the help and insight that Dr. Yu has given me. I feel like a 28 year old again and not 60. I have been given my life back. Dr. Yu is the best doctor I have had the pleasure of being a patient of. I hope every prospective patient experiences the same relief I have or better. Dr. Yu is such a tremendous doctor and should be recognized for his talent. When I had questions about a prescription or needed help of any kind, the girls in the front office were always patient and willing to help me. Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart!
Props to Dr. Yu! Renee J.  Gilbert, AZ. 11/10/2011.
I'm not typically a big fan of doctors. In the case of Dr. Yu, I have to change my stance. I am so impressed with level of care that I have received. He literally reviewed my tests and scans AS THEY WERE BEING DONE, and delivered the results to me before I left the parking lot, even though they were conducted at a different facility than his office....totally unheard of! What an amazing man, to take that kind of time for one individual patient! Thank you so much for not treating me like a number! With the treatment, I'm getting so much better. I appreciate your compassion and support!
Thank you! Dr. Yu! Kay M.  Globe, AZ, 10/31/2011.
We never think that we are going to land in a neurologist's office... But when you do... Mostly we sit wondering..."What is wrong with me". Dr. Yu listened carefully, found and resolved my issues within 2 visits. Each case is different. However, Dr. Yu listened very carefully and the treatments have begun. He exhibits genuine concern for each of his patients. The bonus is that I am beginning to feel more like myself! My husband is also Dr. Yu's patient. I know we both are in good hands! Thanks Dr. Yu, and your magnificent staff.
Thank you! Dr. Yu. Anonymous patient. 10/26/2011.
I'm so grateful that I finally found Dr. Yu. He really cares about his patient. There is no other doctor like Dr. Yu.
Botox injection for my migraine headache. Brenna & Kevin R. Gilbert, AZ, 9/26/2011.
My headaches started when I was a teenager, and continuously got worse over the last 15 years.
In the last 5 years, I can definitely say, I have had migraine headaches in which I had headaches most days of the month for the majority of the day accompanied with many of the accompanying symptoms of migraine headaches.
In addition, 2 years ago, I was told that I had a PFO (a small hole in my heart), which could be the underlying cause of my migraines.
I had seen neurologists before Dr. Yu throughout different states where we had lived in, and had been evaluated for a barrage of possible diseases, all stemming from the root symptoms migraine headaches. The last neurologist I saw before Dr. Yu simply put me on a mild migraine medicine and then gave me painkillers for when the migraines were really bad. This is when I knew I needed to find a good doctor on my own.
I researched neurologists and found Dr. Yu’s website, and all of the wonderful stories. I knew that I had to at least go and meet him and let him review my medical records, and see if he could figure out and treat my migraines.
Dr. Yu listened to my medical history and came up with a plan, first prescribing different medications. When I had a side effect from one of the medications, I called the office, one of the medical assistants answered and said she would check with Dr. Yu. Then, Dr. Yu called back and reassured me that the side effect would go away after a few days. You can tell that Dr. Yu really cares about his patients.
After a few months of being on the medications and only small improvement in my headaches, Dr. Yu suggested Botox injections as a treatment for my headaches. This wasn’t something I had heard of for headache treatments, so he took the time to explain the process.
At first, my insurance company denied the Botox treatments. Dr. Yu’s office spent about 6 weeks talking with my insurance company and explaining my medical history and how the Botox treatments were medically necessary in my case as my headaches were migraine headaches, not simply headaches. I had tried migraine medications and not seen significant improvements. It was wonderful that this wasn’t a burden that I had to take on as added stress.
The first Botox treatment that I had was four months ago. Only a few days after the Botox treatment, my headaches were already markedly better! One of the main triggers I have is being in the sun. Now, I could already sit at my daughter’s swim meet in the summer without feeling a headache coming on (or without having a migraine afterwards). For her and I, this was wonderful! The rest of the week continued to improve.
I just had my second Botox treatment this afternoon and once again, Dr. Yu was his usual caring and jovial self. No wonder so many people have such wonderful things to say about him. I will be forever thankful to him for suggesting Botox treatments to me for my migraines. I have only a couple of "headaches" (not migraines) each month, and perhaps an intermittent migraine now and then, but nowhere near the 15+ days of migraines I had each month before the Botox injections!!! Thank you Dr. Yu and staff!
Many Thanks. Corazon A. Manila, Philippines.  9/16/2011,
I am very grateful to Dr. Kan Yu for all the help he has extended to me. As a tourist in the US, I am not covered by any insurance. The cost of medical bills are quite high here. I was advised by my primary physician in the Philippines to see a neurologist regarding symptoms that I felt. My daughter found the perfect doctor! Dr. Yu has helped us get the huge cash discount prices for the MRI/MRA, Ultrasound and Electrocardiogram.
I also want to thank his very friendly and helpful staff who went out of their way to make sure that everything was in order.
More power and God bless Dr. Yu and your wonderful staff!
Thanks. Dr. Kan Yu, Pat I. Florence AZ, 9/12/2011.
I have suffered for 40 years with Restless Leg Syndrome. I have tried acupuncture, naturopath, two sleep clinics and many prescriptions. The prescriptions seemed to last just so long, then they are not effective any more, then tried another prescription one after the other.
All the doctors that I have seen over the years, always say that I am their problem patient. No one has an answer, since there is no cure.
I moved to Arizona 3 years ago, my primary physician Internal Medicine, Dr. Lou, in Queen Creek referred me to Dr. Kan Yu. My first visit, Dr. Yu listened to all my issues with RLS, plus I had shoulder pinched nerve, my arm tingled and fell asleep. He immediately said that I can help you. I certainly had my doubts. He scheduled me for several x-rays and MRI's. He sent me to the Pain Clinic. I had series of three Epidural shots in the cervical area for the shoulder problem.
Now, I am 100% better.
We have tried several combinations of RX's for RLS, and guess what, they are working. My legs don't ache, arms don't itch, and the restless legs don't kick at night or when I want to take a nap.
I have spent thousands of nights pacing the floor over 40 years. Now, I go to bed and immediately fall a sleep, something that I thought I would never do again. I wake up in the morning feeling energetic and ready to go.
Today when I left Dr. Yu, I gave him a big hug and thanked him for giving me my life back. He has done something that no other doctor that I have seen could do. I still can hardly believe that finally I found someone who really cares about his patients, and immediately knew what we should do. Also his staff is very cordial and friendly. When you call his office you speak to a real person.
I wish I could tell the world and all other RLS suffers about Dr. Yu.
Praises for Dr. Kan Yu and his staff. Madeline H., Apache Junction, AZ. 6/8/2011.
When I needed a neurologist in Arizona, I looked to the Internet for names and recommendations. It was the testimonials of others that had me make that first phone call to Dr. Kan Yu's office. While not to minimize his professional knowledge and skill, including initial comprehensive testing, it is his PATIENT CARE in the office that gives me the confidence to follow the guidelines he recommends to manage MY seizure condition. Others have reported the same kudos, used the same words I have spoken, since I have been under his care. I have had little-if-any waiting for my scheduled appts. which speaks so well of his staff. He encourages me to call if I have any questions...and I have! He demonstrates knowledge of the condition or concern that brought me in from the moment he walks into the room; he LISTENS first to all I need to say and ASKS me questions before he makes any recommendations; he puts my concerns into perspective so as to reduce emotional distress. He has cared for me as a WHOLE PERSON, medically and emotionally. I am sincerely grateful for his care.
Dr. Kan Yu gave me my life back, Eddie P. Gilbert, AZ. 5/16/2011.
At just 31 years old, I had a stroke and the CAT scan in the ER showed an aneurysm on the right side of my brain had hemorrhaged. I was lucky enough to have the best neurosurgeon on call that night in the ER as I had to have a complicated brain surgery to repair the aneurysm.
That was 8 years ago, and although Dr. Zabramski at Barrow Neurological Institute saved my life and did a wonderful job as my neurosurgeon, I had yet to find a good and caring neurologist for my post surgery care.
In the years and months prior to the stroke I had increased and often incapacitating migraine headache pain which included many days on the bathroom floor vomiting. It was my understanding that the repair of the aneurysm would save my life, but may not save me from these intense migraines.
I have seen several valley neurologists over the past 8 years and most of them were simply not very concerned with how much my migraines had impacted my life and how we could treat them. Then just earlier this year, yes this year 2011 and 8 long years after my surgery, my lovely wife found Dr. Kan Yu. I can’t express in words how grateful I am to be one of Dr. Yu’s patients, because he has brought happiness back into my life. I was suffering from intense migraine pain 3 to 4 times a week, missing work, and taking narcotic pain medication just to function. Dr. Yu has changed my life in just 4 short months and I have had only 1 migraine in those 4 months….remarkable!
Since seeing Dr. Yu, we’ve played around with a few medications and dosages and verified that my clipping and bypass from brain surgery was still in good shape though new MRI and CAT scan testing, and best of all we spent time talking and developing a relationship. Dr. Yu is hands down the best doctor I have ever had, because he takes the time to listen to my wife and I, and is engaged in conversation while offering advice through his very personable and humorous personality. Dr. Yu is genuinely concerned with my situation, and he seems to take pride in helping all of his patients “re-start” their lives by managing their neurological issues.  
I now have 2 doctors who have save my life, Dr. Zabramski and now Dr. Kan Yu.
Thank you Dr. Yu!
Good man, and 2 thumbs up. Patty C. and family. Chandler, AZ. 4/28/2011.
You would never think that going to the hospital was a good thing. The night I did, Dr. Kan Yu happened to be on call.
I have suffered for years from trigeminal neuralgia. 6 years ago, I had Gamma Knife procedure done at Barrow's Neurological Institute (BNI) and the procedure gave me 2 years of relief.
The pain then came back. I then had microvascular decompression surgery at Barrow's. That relief lasted nearly 4 years.
Since March of 2011, the pain came back worse then ever. On a Tuesday evening, the pain was so bad, I was hospitalized at Chandler Regional Hospital. The emergency room doctor decided to admit me for MRI,CAT tests and blood work. The Neurologist on call was Dr. Kan Yu.
Earlier in the day, prior to my emergency room visit, I had an appointment with another Neurologist that was uncaring, rude, and I was surprised he was even a doctor!
I was treated overnight and learned that Dr. Yu had reviewed my tests and case. Within an hour after my discharge at 3pm, we called Dr. Yu's office and they told us to come in after their last patient. They actually made time for me and could have said that we are closing and call back another time. We saw Dr. Yu and was delighted at his caring and warm sense of humor. After discussing my history, and answering the questions, he addressed the procedures I have had, and his evaluation and diagnosis suggested some options. Some of which were never even suggested or implemented 6 years earlier.
He prescribed some medications to be taken at appropriate intervals and said that I should feel 50 percent better in 3 or 4 days. He was right on. Within 24 hours, marked reduction of pain was evident. 48 hours later, I had realized that for those 2 days, I was immobilized with pain. At the third and fourth day, there was still no debilitating pain. I thought that I would be facing the same procedures again that I had faced before.
I had begun to lose hope and faith in the medical community before we met Dr. Yu, as I have seen at least a dozen neurologists, acupuncture, and well over a hundred visits to the ER at nearly every hospital in the valley. All to no avail. I was starting to lose hope and felt that I would be living my life in constant pain. I have a granddaughter that is 6 months old and she is the joy of my life. I feared the pain would take me to an early demise.
My husband was wowed. My family is wowed, and I am so thankful that I have found a doctor that actually took the time to show he genuinely cares.
Many thanks Dr. Yu...you are a good man, and 2 thumbs up in my book.
One in a Million. Sylvia M. Mesa, AZ. 4/21/2011.
I have been a patient of Dr. Kan Yu for several years. I had been diagnosed with several neurological issues, one of which required surgery and extended hospitalization. Upon release from the hospital I had to find a neurologist for my continued care. I visited several neurologists and neither my family nor myself were impressed with their treatment.
When Dr. Yu accepted me as a patient, I was at the point where I was skeptical of all health care providers. He took the time to go through my records before he asked questions that had been answered in my records. I didn't have to repeat over and over my conditions and related previous treatments. He really listened to my concerns. At the time when I found Dr. Yu, I was extremely discouraged and thought that I would have to be taking numerous pills and be in constant fear
that some of my conditions would return. Dr. Yu first addressed my skepticism with doctors and my previous treatments. He didn't dismiss my concerns, he acknowledged that I had every right to feel the way I felt. Dr. Yu did not simply give me additional medications. He ordered appropriate tests. He is conservative in dispensing medications. He explains why he is removing one medication and changing it with another or discontinuing some completely.
He encourages his patients to call him with concerns, or questions. Dr. Yu will RETURN phone calls which is unheard of in the medical profession today. Dr. Yu will call and make sure that the patient understood his directions concerning medications if they are changed at all. Dr. Yu also encourages the family to take an active part in treatment. He didn't think it was unusual for one of my daughters to accompany me to visits. One of my daughters told me that the ONLY doctor she doesn't question my treatment plan is Dr. Yu. She is extremely hard to please and has nothing but praise for him.
I know that Dr. Yu has made my life normal, he always make sure that I have understood everything he has said. He doesn't speak to his patients in Doctor Talk, but rather makes sure that patients understand what he is saying WITHOUT talking down.
I felt so confident in his bedside manner, testing and treatment methods that I took my mother-in-law to him. Dr. Yu didn't dismiss her simply because she was 90 years old. He prescribed tests and was able to reduce her medications from 17 to 3. With Dr. Yu's treatment, her last months were spent in clarity and not confusion, and she was happy.
My mother has been battling neurological issues but so far has refused to travel to Arizona. However, when she does acknowledge her issues and travels here, she will be seeing Dr. Yu.
In conclusion, Dr. Yu is the most compassionate, thorough and medically knowledgeable physician that I've ever used. I would recommend him to anyone who has neurological issues or concerns.
Miracle.  Bill M, Snoqualmie, WA. 3/20/2011.
Let me tell you my story of how Dr. Kan Yu has been the most influential medical person in my life. I am from Snoqualmie WA. Just over two years ago, I went to a dentist for a root canal. He drilled through the canal, jaw bone, various nerves and said the pain was normal, and would go away in 3 days.
In 3 days, I had a massive infection in the nerve and muscles in my left face with most of the pain focused in my left temporal area. In addition, my long term migraine moved from my right side of my head to my left side.
After 6 months of trying all of the local dental specialists and neurologists, we then went to the University of Washington Facial Pain Clinic. After a year of monthly visits, I realized that that I was being given a second round of the same drugs that were ineffective a year ago. I still had no name for my condition except that it may or may not involve the trigeminal nerve. The drugs were terrible. They had lots horrible side effects, and essentially confined me to my bed.
Then, I got a referral to the Swedish Pain Clinic in Seattle. I met with the doctors on a weekly basis, no more "try this and come back in a month." We tried more drugs, acupuncture, massage and consultations with "world famous" specialists. They narrowed my diagnosis to secondary trigeminal neuralgia. The treatments they offered made my pain worse and they could offer no suggestions on how to solve the root cause.
My pain was so bad that it never dropped below a 6. It was most often in the 6-8 pain range. Certain things always increased the pain, COLD and Seattle is always cold and wet. I could not even go outside to get the mail. Other things increased the pain including changes in barometric pressure, bending over, and stress. I would have gladly pulled out my own eye if I could make the pain go away.
The Mayo Clinic offered a lot of treatments for secondary trigeminal neuralgia, options the Swedish Pain Clinic would not even consider. I researched the Internet and found out about the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. I left my family in Seattle, desperate to find some relief. After a few weeks visiting the Mayo clinic and seeing their specialists, the Mayo Clinic concluded I had atypical facial pain and there was essentially nothing they could do for me.
Fortunately, Dr. Yu was on call when I was rushed to the emergency room for other symptoms(TIA). He asked me what my problem was. After hearing about my 2 years and 4 months of extreme pain, he said, "Do you mind if I try something?" He took his thumb and forefinger and massaged my left side of the head for a few minutes. The pain was GONE! and has not returned after 4 weeks. My migraine pain is also gone. If my migraine should return, Dr. Yu said he would treat it with Botox, although the Mayo Clinic refused to consider Botox.
When I told my story to the hospital Chaplin, he said it was a "miracle". I have to agree!
Great Care.  Jay S. 3/18/2011.
Being a snowbird and not knowing where to go can really be a dilemma. I had an episode and was told by my insurance (Merk) to go to Dr. Kan Yu. He was very cordial, and made me feel at ease with my condition. His staff also was very “patient” orientated. Dr. Yu took his time to explain the alternatives to my problem, set up lab and MRI appointments. He had my meds necessary sent from my provider. If you are in doubt for a neurological condition, I highly recommend Dr. Yu.
Best Doctor I've Ever Had! MamawAK. 7/28/2010.
Dr. Kan Yu is the most caring doctor I've ever had. I was afflicted with some extremely rare conditions and he was the ONE doctor who truly listened to my concerns. He never treated me like a number. He'd discuss his and my concerns with my family and myself. He never just threw pills at me. Words cannot express what a wonderful doctor he is.
The Best Doctor!  Anonymous patient. 5/3/2010.
Dr. Yu is the best doctor in the world!. He is patient and kind! He has a great way of helping his patient cope with their issues. I would recommend him to anyone! (
A RARE FIND! Bill R. 5/2010.
"Very impressed with staff and doctor. Dr. Kan Yu was very professional yet very personable. I am from out of town...he made special arrangement for me to do both visits end-to-end even though he was scheduled for an "off" afternoon. His experience was demonstrated more and more as we talked. He recommended I choose a doctor for the surgery that uses the Brown Procedure (endoscopy) rather than the full surgical procedure I had on my other hand with such long recovery and rehabilitation. I received a complete report of his diagnosis of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome before I left. I could not have had a better experience! I have since contacted the Brown Hand Center in Phoenix for future surgery. I highly recommend this man!"
#1 Neurologist!!!!!  DebG77. 4/14/2010.
I can't even put into words how much I love this Doctor. He saved my life. He is such an amazing person who REALLY cares about his patients. He was a comfort to me when I was scared and became a great friend. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Kan Yu, you will not be disappointed. He is such a wonderful person/Doctor. Love. Deb G. (
Lucky Me. chashaug. 6/5/2009.
Lucky Me, And I thought this leg pain would last forever. No relief after 2 years of treatment by others. Thanks. Dr. Kan Yu.

Absolutely the BEST Neurologist! andimp00. 5/6/2008.
I came into Dr. Kan Yu's office with a variety of nonspecific nerve symptoms that other doctors had been scratching their heads off for years. Dr. Yu not only took time to answer all of my questions, he told me that he would not rest until we figured out what was wrong. He has the bedside manner that is lacking in today's treat'em and release'em medicine. I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks. Dr. Yu!
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